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Kyoko Fukada appears at men-only preview of movie about infidelity


Actress Kyoko Fukada, 28, appeared at a men-only preview screening this week for her upcoming film, “Yoake no Machi De” (In the City of Dawn), in Tokyo. The film is based on a novel by popular writer Keigo Higashino, 53, and deals with the issue of infidelity.

Fukada took to the stage following the screening to speak with the male audience about the film’s theme. She commented, “I’d like to avoid infidelity. I don’t want to marry someone like that, and I don’t want to be anyone’s mistress.”

She also surveyed the audience, asking if there was anyone present who desired an affair. About 20 men raised their hands. “If you do end up cheating,” Fukada advised, “please keep it a secret.”

She assured fans that she will only ever commit infidelity on the big screen.

In the movie, directed by Setsuro Wakamatsu, Fukada plays an office worker who starts a torrid affair with a much older businessman (Goro Kishitani). The businessman’s wife (Tae Kimura) slowly starts to realize what’s going on.

“Yoake no Machi De” will be released nationwide on Oct 8.

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I wonder if those 20 men raised their hands because they wanted to have an affair with HER!

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Woah, her moral compass is really messed up.

"Please keep it a secret"??? Well, ladies, there you have it. Next time you end up with a man who cheats on you remember this bimbo actress encouraged him.

Infidelity for your entertainment. I don't think we need it on the big screen. Big screen leads to a big dream.

This kind of movie is ONLY for women. Very sick, immoral stuff. Enjoy!!

3 ( +6 / -3 )

And the explanation as to why it was a men-only preview?

3 ( +3 / -0 )

And the explanation as to why it was a men-only preview?

So she could stand in front of the men of Japan looking seriously hot, moralize about being good husbands and boyfriends, then telling them to go home to take a cold shower. But don't forget to lust after her when her movie premiers next month.

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in Japan? Are you serious. Probably one of the most "infidelity OK" countries in the world? I mean many girls I have talked to only want to get married because they want to be housewives and dont care if their husband, who is working in another city 5 days a week, goes out with some hostess bar, or opai-pub all night. Its kind of a mafia style of life. You have children with your wife and give her your house but you do your freaky fantasies with your mistress.

She should have asked, "How many of you ARE having an affair right now?" The whole audience would have raised their hands probably.

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Wolfpack I think is on to something!!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

@NetNinja: I think it's more a matter of Japanese women understanding the nature of men and being more pragmatic (than their western counterparts) regarding extra-marital affairs. While Japanese women certainly don't condone these affairs, it's more important for them to maintain a harmonious marriage and family. Fukuda simply repeats what is commonly known in Japan, "if you must have an affair, don't humiliate your partner by bringing it 'into the home'.

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Infidelity screws people up - figuratively and literally. If you cant keep it together for the sake of your family, either find someone who doesnt mind what you do or dont get married in the first place.

And that goes for both men and women.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Al that made me laugh as I was thinking the same thing! YOu can't blame just one person for an affair. Usually there are many other issues but it just seems to much easier on JT to blame the men only!

As for keep it a secret, I 100% agree. Why tell? Then again, why stay in a relationship if you want to cheat??

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Don't cheat is the only answer. If you cannot be faithfull and are married go to therapy. If single and you cannot control yourself then never marry and have children.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

A bit of a pious attitude above. My wife said I can cheat but if she found out....I'd regret it.I don't and have no need to,but I appreciate how she is not a prig like some people are.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Wow you can tell from the comments who's a got a western Christian guilt complex. It's normal and healthy and productive to have affairs and it's sensible to maintain an arms length separation between your spouse and family and your lover.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

kimachi; I am Western but anti Christian and cheating is done by vilde , untrustowrthy lowlifes. It is not normal it is repulsive. My family is my life and so it should be for all married folk.

2 ( +5 / -3 )


Whatever happened to Love, honor and cherish"?

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Normal and healthy??? Links please!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Paulinusa: "And the explanation as to why it was a men-only preview?"

Agreed, it's odd, but my guess is the point was to do what she did at the end -- walk out and interview the men. Now, why a bunch of men would all go see a movie together knowing no women would be present (and it's not porn... which could make the situation even worse). And hey, maybe it was 'revenge' for the women only book launch of Yuka's cookbook. :)

steve: " I am Western but anti Christian and cheating is done by vilde , untrustowrthy lowlifes. It is not normal it is repulsive. My family is my life and so it should be for all married folk."

I agree that cheating is a bad thing, steve, but don't claim that people who do so are not 'normal', because really a lot of your comments make it seem like YOU are not normal. My point is, people have all sorts of reasons, both men and women, to cheat, and while I personally believe that if things have gotten that bad you should just get divorced (instead of cheating and trying to hide it), I can't vouch for any other person's reasons. You can't either. It's good that you are devoted to your family, and I respect that, but don't presume others are bad or abnormal for having a love affair when you do not know why they are doing it.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

kimachi: I should have read your comment before commenting on steve's. Anyway, it's normal for SOME people to have affairs, for whatever reason, but not others. While steve may be guilty of imposing his beliefs on social morays on many threads here, saying a love affair is 'normal' for everyone just isn't the case. It is rare that animals remain monogamous, but it happens, and as humans we tend to think of ourselves as 'above' animals in that we can think and make decisions. We do have that animal side in us all, and sometimes that can lead to baser acts, or great ones, but again it doesn't mean everyone having affairs is 'normal' by any means. I believe there are circumstances in which it can be normal and healthy for said people involved, and cases where it is not at all.

NetNinja: ""Please keep it a secret"??? Well, ladies, there you have it. Next time you end up with a man who cheats on you remember this bimbo actress encouraged him."

Agree and disagree, and I wouldn't really call her a bimbo. A lot of people share this attitude, for better or worse -- they'd rather not know than know. Especially in this nation there's a kind of "don't bring it home with you" attitude.

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If you cheat and then confess, all you are doing is victimizing your partner. You put the responsibility on HIM/HER to forgive you or not. If you cheat and then feel guiltremorse, then live with it. Use it to strengthen your resolve to make it up to your partner.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Irritatingly silly. Cheating - for whatever reason, wherever/whenever the cheating occurs, is dishonesty. Crookedness. To encourage anyone to be dishonest to the one person who might make a difference, first, in anyones life, sounds like mucky bottom of the barrel, bad advice. No, people, do not cheat. Do not be dishonest. Try to treat other people as you prefer to be treated yourself, is basic good sense. Do you want or like, to be cheated? Do you like people you depend on to be honest or dishonest? Do you want to encourage your friends and family, your children and their friends, to lie to one another, to cheat one another? You do? Then theres nothing else for me to say, except, one day - I hope you may discover the usefulness of straight dealing and honesty for everyone, & the joy of feeling trust in another human being.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Plus - to discuss attitudes to having more than one sex partner, has nothing at all to do with 'cheating'. I imagine the subject has been researched, and it is true that some men and some women, apparently, find it acceptable that their spouse or partner has one or more other lovers or sex partners. To others , such an arrangement would be unthinkable. For others, still, it may become necessary, no matter what the original agreement may have been, if a partner is sick or injured. Clearly it could be a grave error, not to discuss this aspect of married or partnership life, before committment to any long term relationship. For those who discover a serious imbalance of needs, when it is already too late and the committment has been made, & perhaps there are children & other dependents too, then respectful discussion and a search for solutions that cause the least pain to both partners, is the way to go. Cheating has absolutely no part in any of this., neither has any kind of coercion or controlling, bullying behaviour, by either partner, in order to gain his or her own best solution.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

We are animals and not machines. Very few animals mate for life.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

JapanGal, that 'we are animals' is frequently offered as an ill-informed excuse for many of the cruelties that anyone might choose to inflict on his or her fellows, and perhaps you can live with it as an excuse for your own. Please do not make the mistake of believing that 'we' all think in the same way. I can make choices, and I can understand how I might hurt someone by dishonesty, cheating, - and I choose not to do that.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

ensnaturae2: "Irritatingly silly. Cheating - for whatever reason, wherever/whenever the cheating occurs, is dishonesty."

The word 'cheat' denotes dishonesty, true, but then there are other words to call sleeping with someone besides one's spouse or significant other. "Love affair", for example, has various implications as well; one could be an 'affair related to love'. Anyway, I'm not going to get into semantics, but likewise one person's morals should not be pushed on others. It's sad that people feel the need to get involved in affairs, but it happens.

I do agree with you thorough discussion is ideal, but it is not always applicable. While JapanGirl is right, and I stated before, we are after all just animals with some reasoning power, that reasoning power is what permits the deceit to come into play. In any case, I know a lot of people who have said much along the same lines as Fukuda.... if their spouse is cheating they simply don't want to know, and don't want them to 'bring it home'.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Cheating is an overrated subject and for the weak minded, I rather break up with whom ever I am with than to become a Don Juan, simple as that.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Smithin japan:... Your point is not clear. Of course there are 'love affairs', and of course those love affairs may not be cheating at all, within a marriage or partnership. It all depends entirely on the relationship and the committments and agreements already made &/or discussed. . If, in order to take part in a love affair, it becomes necessary to CHEAT, ie to lie to, to deceive, to be dishonest to - to ones partner, then cheating remains dishonesty, & is likely to cause pain, whether it is called a 'love affair' or a one night stand. Giving dishonesty a pretty, romantic name doesnt make it easier to bear for the person who finds him or herself obliged to accept it. That you identify the species 'human' as 'animal' (although it is far removed from other species in numerous ways) and that each of us may find ourselves overcome by this or that desire, or at the mercy of our own physicality (which is certainly not inevitable) is no excuse at all for any thinking person, aware of the pain that dishonesty may cause, in acting out his or her 'animal' instincts. If you hurt someone by lying to them, that you are an 'animal' is no justification or excuse at all. You know what you do, and you choose your path. CLEARLY if a partner states that he or she does not want to know about cheating of this kind, whether it happens or not, is, again, entirely a matter to be resolved within each relationship. Of course one cannot force ANY kind of 'morality' on anyone else - including that morality you offer - of giving 'cheating' a pretty name and claiming it to be ok for everyone, as you appear to hope to do. It is not ok for everyone. Do not force your morality on anyone, any more than you hope to have another's morality forced upon you. When there are children to be considered or other dependents, the situation becomes more complex, since for some people fidelity is essential to their partnership, and the family would cease to exist for them, if a partner enters another relationship. One would be obliged to face the very difficult facts of the situation in that case, and hope to reach an amicable separation, so that the children and any other dependents do not feel their lives to be wrecked by the destruction of a safe home base. All of this means that the nonsensical and endless promotion of romance without responsibility is one of the most destructive influences of our time. .

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I always find it amusing that she stars in movie about a topic which she disapproves of. Sounds rather hypocritical, but for second-rate actresses it's an easy way to make money and keep their career going.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Well said Zichi. Women cheat too. We have to bare in mind that Japan doesn't really have moral's (which are mostly/usually taught through religion). I wonder if the movie 'The dilemma' has aired (or will) here..?


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Very few animals mate for life.

Absolutely. Which is why you get it all out of your system BEFORE you settle down, and if you cant - dont settle down!

Having said that though, I am not so naive that I dont see that after settling down things can go wrong, and frequently do. How you then handle that is a measure of the kind of person you are.

My previous comment was based on first hand knowledge of a whole bunch of people who have had affairs, and most of them were totally screwed up over the whole thing - especially the women. Its just not worth it.

What I can say though from personal experience, is that if the worst happens and you both work it out and come through it - my God - it takes you to a place in your relationship that is beyond amazing. Its almost worth the pain! (But I still wouldnt recommend it!!!)

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We have to bare in mind that Japan doesn't really have moral's (which are mostly/usually taught through religion).

I find this comment really interesting because I have felt that way for a long time too, and wondered often if the basis behind it was religion or just societal "norms". Japan definitely is more "liberal" shall we say? than other places I have experience of living in. But is that a good thing? I cant honestly say yes, if I go by the number of students and friends - male and female - who have banged on my door and cried on my shoulder over the years.

There do seem to be a lot of women here who are prepared to sleep with married men (and married men prepared to knock off the ladies) without a seconds thought, even if the wife is pregnant or they have children, with little or no thought for the pain they are causing.

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'please keep it a secret' oh girl... wrong thing to say completely.. but then again i suppose you didint want to lose your male audience...thou hey, dont blame the wife if she finds out your cheating on her and she cheats on you back.. >_> dont blame her what so ever cause you werent devoted~ blame the actress who said it was okay, but to keep it a secret so you can get a disease from your mistress and pass it along to your wife. ^^

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now a days people use the word Love like is nothing but it really means two person in love forever beyond eternity and that is just a movie of infidelity fiction she just acting the part a thing she not even like do that because that's her job and people call her bimbo or second rate actress because she have morals nothing wrong in beliven in true love forever l Do and those 20 men they reice there hand never should get married because there kids see that behavior in there parents and you create 20 more because they see it like is normal and the cycle continues and the one how says that if you make an agreement to cheat went you are husband and wife that is the stupidest idea ever if you enter with that mentality in a marriage THEN Don't WHAT IS THE POINT

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