Kyoko Koizumi to release album containing 30 songs for 30th anniversary


Singer and actress Kyoko Koizumi, 46, will release a 2-disc album containing 30 songs that her celebrity acquaintances and friends have chosen to mark the 30th anniversary of her debut as a singer on March 21. The album also includes a 160-page booklet containing photos of Kyon-kyon (as Koizumi is popularly known) over the past 30 years.

The album is titled "Kyon30 ~Nantettatte (It's) 30 years!~" (3,900 yen with booklet). Koizumi debuted as a singer in 1982 with the song "Watashi no 16 sai."

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A blast from the past! I don't recognize her in the above photo. I remember her with short hair and a huge smile. Those drab clothes don't seem like something she would wear. Guess she grew up! (I saw a photo of Nakamori Akina some months ago and she still looks the same. Doesn't look like she aged. I caught a show where the some of 80's idols were on and though they looked the same, they did look middle aged...)

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I still recognize this beauty of yesteryears ! Good luck !

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She's come a long way from bozozoku girlfriend.

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I was just thinking about her the other day. In her hey day, she was like gold for product sales.

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I really like her.

She's a great actress. You should all check out her performance in Tokyo Sonata. Much more than just a 'talent'.

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I just watched Tokyo Sonata last weekend. I wasn't all that impressed by Koizumi's performance. It must have been hard, though, because her character was supposed to be flat and unemotional (I think).

Still an excellent movie, although quite negative about Japan's economic prospects.

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Past it, should know when to retire gracefully

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Sarcasm321, what do you mean? I don't have a television so maybe KK is doing something awful but unless she is prancing away in her 80's costume, I don't get why you think she ought to retire. The few shows I caught several months ago when there was a tv provided in the room I was in bored me. The talento/idols/comedians were not even past it. How are they even entertaining?!

KK doesn't look like herself in the photo above. I don't know how she should look but she looks lifeless. She was so genki during her heyday. But I guess all idols were genki, if not they were quickly weeded out or they never made it in the first place.

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It must have been hard, though, because her character was supposed to be flat and unemotional (I think).

Yes the character was supposed to be like that. For me, hers was the standout performance in the entire film.

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