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Kyoto arson attack victims to be honored in end credits of new film


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great move! Whoever thought of this, kudos!

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Nothing but actionism and political charade. If a human's life is reduced to some mere letters in the end credits, then humanity is hopeless.

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Are there aftercredit scenes

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If they want people to see the names, they should display a “dedicated to ...” or “ in loving memory of ...” section before the movie starts.

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I thought the series on Netflix was great. Personally, I think it's a nice move so I don't get the negativity.

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The drawing is nice but the story line is not really my cup of tea.

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The negativit comed from a dilemma -when dors appropriate victim commemorating stop being a profitable virtue signaling? I would personally say we are on the borderline here. Someone with a definite answee would be an interesting phenomenon.

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God Bless.

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Nothing but actionism and political charade

Yes RIP is so blasé, gravestones with writing on them are so hopeless? If it ain't your thing then fine but I find it the opposite, remembering the lives and actions of people is a mark of respect.

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