Lack of female directors in Hollywood an 'embarrassment': Geena Davis


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Well, start being talented then, girls. Or at least work hard with results to show to everyone. Take a look at the Japanese art industry - many prominent female directors. Because they can at least back up their barking okay this is getting removed.

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This kind of whiny complaining is really getting annoying.

This is SIMPLE, encourage women to get into film to become...….DIRECTORS etc, but my guess is that many women go in other directions of their own choice. IF more women pursue these other areas of film then we will start seeing more there, you CANT just complain & then expect it to be 50:50 all of a sudden

> "In the past we learned to never complain, even for sexual harassment. There are so few roles for women. They'd always find some one to replace you, or they'd find someone cheaper."

Blame yourselves for that...…..competition...…...like that doesn't apply to men as well, sheesh!

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Or male directors are better at delivering the goods ………………….. at least in the West, can someone from other continents tell us what happens in their part of the world.

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Who cares?

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I agree with Concerned Citizen. What does it matter? Especially now that Hollywood is dead!

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Women have had every opportunity. Maybe its time to just accept the fact that the few women who both want to direct and are good at it are few and special, the one's who are not just ordinary women and that's okay?

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Well then the female directors need to direct better films! And the same goes for males too. The last movie in a cinema I went to was the remade/remodeled/remastered 50th anniversary rerelease of 'Yellow Submarine' last year. I am sick to death of all these vapid retreads and remakes and especially all those Marvel Comics Superwimp garbage films.  

Get some creativity turned back on! I don't care if a man or a woman directs a film - if it's good, it's good. If it's trash, forget it. Start writing better stuff!!!

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80% of what Hollywood produces is unwatchable.

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zichiSep. 13 01:09 pm JST80% of what Hollywood produces is unwatchable.

I'll say. Since the mid 90s it's been fart jokes and kicks in the crotch that passes for humor. Dumb. Not funny at all.

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