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Lady Gaga album demand overwhelms Amazon servers


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An early evening attempt to buy the album on Amazon and use its new server-based storage system went seamlessly. The album appeared instantly on Amazon Cloud Drive and could be streamed online right away. The album downloaded in a few minutes to a computer. The user’s storage space also registered the promotional 20 gigabytes of cloud storage that came with the album.

This part of the article seems out of place and more like someone's blog.

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This article can explain the following cases:

1) Amazon has used "buy one, get one free" promotion - 99cent a song of Lady Gaga and a trial service of 20 gigabyte online storage account

2) "Telephone" and "Born this way" can be hits of Lady Gaga's new album.

3) Amazon's cloud computering servers are under-capable to handle a heavy traffic of orders.

Mizuho's computer system was down when ATM withdrawers simultaneously used all available ATM stations for cash. But most of businesses don't invest too much money to upgrade their IT systems for once-in-a-lifetime heavy traffic situations.

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Really? I don't know why, I've only seen terrible reviews about it.

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number 1 ... good luck lady G.

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Folks go nuts for gaga.

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2 words Pirate Bay

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@nothereillegal ...22,000 seeders and counting.

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22,000 seeders and counting.

Make that 22001 :) - On the other hand, yeah, Amazon proves once again that they're not up to the tasks they claim they can handle. I think they are now almost monthly in the news with some server failure/crashes...

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seeders/thieves. two words, same meaning.

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Didnt she make around 90 Million in a year? Wow. I am going to enter the music industry for sure!

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Lady Gaga is so unordinary, unusual and has a great artistic sense of style. Many people question about how and why concerning her extreme case of success. In my view the what can be found in two defining characteristics. The first being the growth of online video streaming. With the growth of technology and viewing devices, such as smart phones along with the introduction of pad, the ability to watch whatever you want whenever you want is a characteristic many can relate to. This is something Gen-Y is relating to and growing with. As their want for now continues to exist, Gen-Y will effectively carry online video streaming into the future. Though it is not simply a matter of online video streaming. Everyone seems to forget about the basics of providing great content to be viewed by creating something different and Lady Gaga is defiitely different. You combine Lady Gaga's ability to differentiate, add some great videos, you begin to see why she's had such great success. It definitely gives you a few reasons to see what she creates. And though her ability to differentiate and create content are imperative characteristics to her success, there is one attribute that is fundamentally necessary and that is her ability to connect with her Little Monster fan base. Therefore when you combine great engagement with great differentiation, you will get great results. Therefore, the idea behind Lady Gaga is to create great content, differentiate and engage all those who make her extremely successful. Hence, the demand for her album continues to explode on Amazon.

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