Lady Gaga in hot water over Bangkok concert


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The 50000 must have had their 'sentiments' bay hurt.....

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wow, people are uptight. I wouldn't care if some overseas celeb came to America and made remarks about the food and getting diabetes and heart disease....they would be right!

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Arrest and jail her for disrespect!

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It's only a pop rock show. Thai goverment don’t really have much idea of what they should do with their power, now or in the future. Sure, they’d like to keep things pretty much as they are – mouthing the same old platitudes and demanding uninterrupted principles of their agenda. With no vision, it’s obvious Thai government has no plan. Why else would you dreamed up with so little thought about long-term consequences with the west. Wanting to make the complaining point of vindictiveness is like the proverbial elephant that forgets nothing.

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Thailand needs to chill out. Don't they get that tourism is their number one industry and crying about such things is only hurting them??

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Truth hurts... Are they saying that you can't buy fake Rolex in Thailand?

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Go girl, I'm on your side.

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Well, at least she avoiding insulting the King. Anyway, if they're going to be so uptight then she of course can choose not to go back there. If they're so worried about people buying fake goods, clamp down on sales of them.

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Well, at least she avoiding insulting the King.

Or at least avoided the charge! Since blue is the part of the flag representing the monarchy, someone might call it insulting the King.

I would say the minister is an idiot. Most people would not have heard about this if he had shut his mouth. He is his own worst enemy.

And are we really supposed to be worried that Lady Gaga may have hurt the image of the Lady-boy Kingdom? They ain't got their priorities straight if its image they are worried about. Most of us here would call Gaga' performance a compliment and her comment about Rolex's a simple fact of many countries and not especially Thailand. I should think that overall Thailand came out ahead...right up until the minister opened his dumb mouth!

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Thailand maybe should chill out, but she should remember that she is a visitor there and respect their customs and traditions as well.

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How did she not respect them Matt?? I would not complain if she wore a skimpy cowgirl outfit riding a motorcycle with an American flag trailing behind. In fact, I would give it two thumbs up!

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Some performers I will never understand...she can wear what ever she wants but she will be as original as GWAR...lol

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Thailands ladyboys are waaaayy hotter than Gaga.

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what would happen if she said "love you long time" would this upset all of the prostitues ?? would they file a complaint too? sad gits get a life!!

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I understand the sentiments and respect due to a nations flag, but...are the Thai people trying to say they don't sell fakes??? Cause I saw a "Brolex" in Bangkok...

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I hope she goes down.

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IncenseAndPeppermints: "And are we really supposed to be worried that Lady Gaga may have hurt the image of the Lady-boy Kingdom?"

I was more or less on the same page as you until this unnecessary and undeserving bit of slander. I bet any one of those 'lady-boy's would knock you flat on your butt in less than a second if you had the stones to put your words to the test.

As to Matt's comment, Gaga IS (or was) a guest there, and while I personally agree with you that the dude in question making all the fuss is doing just that -- making a fuss -- Matt is correct that you have to respect the customs of the nation you visit. If someone perceives that you have NOT done so then you need to address that person's perceptions, justified or not. Gaga can easily apologize for causing any offense, as she often takes the high road, and if not she can do like I said earlier and simply not visit again.

As for insulting the King via 'insulting' the flag, no go, dude. You know full well that I meant a DIRECT insult to the king, which often results in very serious consequences for the offender. Someone reading too much into what she did won't earn but a whimper from someone who's whined too much.

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Misuse of the Thai flag ! Give me A F. B! Thai Government Politcos misuse the Thai flag everyday -against the Thai people.

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unnecessary and undeserving bit of slander.

Slander? What? Why? I have nothing against lady-boys and I know of no nation with so many of such quality. I think you may have something against lady-boys to consider my words slander.

You know full well that I meant a DIRECT insult to the king,

I'm sorry, but that was not about you. It was about Thailand's over-used and often misapplied lese majeste law. You said she avoided insulting the King, and I was pointing out that does not matter nearly as much as someone deciding to twist the law some more and create an insult to the monarchy where there is none, as has been done in the past. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Nicolaides

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I see on this forum the same crap I see from U.S., European and Aussie tourists and expat workers all over Southeast Asia and the Middle East.. It's not your country, you don't have the same rights you may have in your country. It's simple: respect the dignity of the local people and obey local laws.

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It's simple: respect the dignity of the local people and obey local laws.

Simple? Maybe to say but not to do!

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What is hard to do about it?

Treat people with respect and dignity. Don't demean people because of their economic or social status, color, nationality, job or religion. I work in developing countries all the time....it's our creed, if you don't do it, you're in trouble.

Obey the laws of the country you are in whether you agree with them or not, if you don't, you're in trouble.

Do you think you would have trouble doing that?

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She actually did the same with the Japan flag last month but no one seemed to care. Art is always controversial and should basically be tolerated unless there is any clear political or other intent.

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uptight anal people too precious about things.

Who cares she said she wanted to buy a knock off rolex in thailand and draped a flag about, if they are that worried then stop the counterfeiters and the ones profiteering off it, ie THAI people.

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