Lady Gaga to appear on 'Kohaku Uta Gassen'


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Instead of asking how much was she paid. i just hope NHK doesn't increase its subscription fee in near future.

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I wonder if the Japanese Little Monsters will push the ratings for Kohaku Utagassen sky high.

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Hooray! Hooray!

"The eccentric star"

She's not eccentric, she's totally cool!

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Wonderful, now the circle is complete. Terrible commercialized J-pop meets the copy cat queen of shallow culture to dumb down the annual sing in.

It makes me very sad when I think about the past generations of artists. Artists who took pride in their originality, in the lasting artistic quality of their music and in their devotion to art regardless of profit. Look at the music that lasts with time defining music like the advent of rock in the 50's, the Beattles, the iconic artists of the 80's and even the rough edged but sincere bands like Nirvana in the 90's.

To be honest I can barely remember a single profoud or definitive song since early 2000. But I can remember lots of fluffy commercial trash with vocal effects and the same or recycled copies of artists who came before.

Gaga is a cheap Madonna rip off. Sure she writes her own music but that makes it even worst. She cannot blame her copycat style on some producer, it is entirely her own theft. She garrish, unoriginal and trivial and when the shock value dies, she will join all the other shallow pop on the mountain of forgotten music.

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What is wrong with some of you? Why do you feeel the need to complain about EVERYTHING (directed at some14some). I don't see why she should have to perform Enka, dress as a Japanese at all, all she needs to do is be herself. I don't think anybody will turn off because of it either. It's good of her to do it as Farmboy tries to point out above. Good luck to her - nice of her to do it, paid or otherwise.

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and, sorry, but your comment has really pissed me off some14some: If you don't want to pay your NHK money, just don't watch it? I've read your comments about NHK elsewhere anyway, so I really don't see why it's an issue for you. You are just being difficult for the sake of it.

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theResident. Gaga aside, the corruption of NHK makes a lot of us think that we should not be spending our money on the state propaganda channel. Especially if that money is being stolen for parties and such.

It isn't only foreign people who feel this way, many, MANY Japanese I know do not pay and refuse to pay NHK for the same reason.

Now their hiring some flash shallow artist from abroad for their show is just one more reason to feel they are wasting the hard earned yen of working people in Japan. If you want to be pissed off mate, try being pissed off for all the working people who see their money wasted by a corrupt NHK.

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Right - I am not your mate to start with and thank you, I am Japanese, so I am well aware that many people used to refuse to pay the NHK money, absolutely fine with me, Why would I care. I think you will find with the advent of B-CAS cards and Digital only TV that loophole has closed. Nobody is forcing you to watch, so don't pay. In the UK you have to pay your licence fee, whether you watch the BBC or not. Sounds worse to me than the NHK situation. I'm guessing you are English by your use of language, so please try and defend the UK licence fee, instead of just bashing Japan (again) for the same of it.

Also, who cares if you think GaGa is shallow? Not my thing either, but she is popular and current around the world.

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If you really think that there was more good music around in past generations, then you must be deaf. Or maybe your source for new music, is the rubbish you hear on TV? I don't mean to take a dig at you, but you are missing out, there is so much good music around these days! In fact that's the problem, there is too much and so nothing stands out like it used to. There's heaps of rubbish around too, but that's just a product of the digital age, in the past it wouldn't have been heard because record companies were the only outlet for music. The only reason the Beatles were so big is because they hit the ground when there was nothing else like them around. If they came on the scene now, they wouldn't even make it past Myspace or youtube. The Ford Model T, and the VW beetle will always be cars to remember too, but they have nothing on a Corolla. There are so many bands around today that can write and play music as good as the Beatles. You can't remember any profound or definitive songs from the last decade? You don't remember Eminem, Green Day, Britney, Amy Winehouse, Foo Fighters, Chemical Brothers, and that's just mainstream pop? Do a search for top albums of the past decade, and give some of the bands you've never heard of on mainstream media a listen, you might be surprised.

With or without Gaga Kohaku is gonna be rubbish anyway. Plenty of decent music in around these days (here in japan included), but you won't hear any of it on Kohaku. Copying Madonna? She just copied Marilyn Monroe anyway. Hardly original. I can't stand Lady Gaga's music, but I don't see how it's any different to the rubbish I listened to when I was a teen. She works hard, she helps out with charity etc, she's a good role model for teens.

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as someone pointed out a while ago about movies and it's probably applicable to music too- there's no such thing as originality anymore,it's all been done somewhere by someone previously..

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theResident. Nice try, but I am not English. Japan is my long term permanent home. And since I pay taxes here like you do, I will critique what I think needs to be addressed.

In my home country there are no national TV channels. Commecial TV does just fine pressing propaganda all paid for by advertising. No one comes to your home to harrass you for money. And likewise, we don't need to care about how the staff of those stations waste that money.

I join and support many Japanese in their boycott of NHK funding, more power to people who think for and act for themselves in Japan and not just follow the "rules" right or wrong. Japan needs people willing to challenge more of the corruption here.

I care that Gaga is shallow and silly. She degrades culture along with many other pointless artists out there. Popularity is not a test of quality. On the contrary, it is often only a test of trendy hysteria or passing fad. Both of which Gaga is likely to define.

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I've seen enough bizarre things in Japan to think that Gaga could be a scandal there... maybe she could look more normal than thought... anyway... girls team will have a big help to win...

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Good of her to show solidarity. Her future is secure. She'll be able to come back for Cyndi Lauper-like zombie holiday appearances long after she's gone stale in the U.S.

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Please - what is the last time somebodt came to your house from NHK to harass you for money? Just asking around the office now, this seems to have died to a bare minumum. If you were ever at some point in the past foolish enough to reveal your details to NHK then they would/will keep coming after you 'mate' But seriously, why make such a big deal out it? (I 'join' and 'support' the Japanese.).haha. It's actually a pretty small minority, and in all fairness, how much is it a month? 2500 Yen? No more than a couple of beers, who really cares? I don't want to pay it either, but I'm damned if I'm going to give up the pretty decent sports coverage that BS show now.

True, NHK has proven that they cannot be trusted To you, Gaga is pointless,fair enough, but to many she is not - as I said, not my thing, but I don't really see how she 'degrades' culture. Isn't it all supposed to be a bit of fun. Less of the leftist-leaning rants please tkoind2

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All readers, please stay on topic and cut out the acrimony. The subject is Lady Gaga's appearance on "Kohaku," not whether you pay your NHK fees.

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NHK hoping to get Lady Gaga to appear on 'Kohaku Uta Gassen'

Lady Gaga to appear on 'Kohaku Uta Gassen'

Thank you Santa, Xmas wishes do come true!

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Me and some friends "borrowed" Lady Gagas limo last week for a quick spin (drivers a good friend). It was really fun. Gorgeous inside. She seems really nice - Im sure she wouldnt have minded.

I like her music (most of it) and I love hearing what she is up to next - doing things I would never dare to! I am living vicariously through her. With all the rubbish going on in the world, how nice to have someone jazz things up a bit with some crazy clothes and activities. Not sure what I enjoy more - watching what she does or watching everyones reaction to it!

If she is on Kohaku might just give me a reason to watch it.

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A Great Idea! Noww if only she would try some Enka,,,Hmmmmm

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Earlier it was reported on this site that the president of NHK said he will not allow anyone with yakuza connections to appear on this year's Kohaku show. If Lady Gaga does appear, at least we will know there is one person there without gangster connections.

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tkoind2, most people would agree with you. Most people in their 50s, that is.

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nope tkoind2 is so right! im 20yrs and old school music had soul and meaning. LOVE the 70's/80's/90's:led zep, van halen, the carpenters, neil young, Anzen Chitai etc But now music (2000-present) has become garbage! even hiphop/rap in the 80's was awesome. music today sux big time. i only listen to the oldies. heehee especially music from japan ^^ i support u tkoind2.

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I think this goes a little beyond her music. She definitely generated a connection with many Japanese with her response to the Tohoku disaster. She not only showed her support by visiting the area but also generated over $3,000,000 for the relief efforts. Of course, there was that lawsuit that claimed she made a profit on the "we pray for Japan" wristbands:

<http://www.litigationandtrial.com/2011/06/articles/attorney/consumer-protection/lady-gaga-lawsuit-exposing-fraud-or-advertising-lawyers/ >

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Lady Gaga is amazing. End of story.

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It was a wise decision not to install a TV when we moved to Okinawa.

We don't need to watch crap like Kohaku.

And Laddie Gaga just adds insult to injury!

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I agree with Tknoid2 as well. Lady Gaga is a Madonna copycat, and represents a lot of what is wrong with pop music today. And for your info, bicultural, I'm much younger than 50.

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Don't know what the fuss is - it's an appearance VIA video link - she won't be in Japan at all.....

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Yatta. Something new on that red/white show!

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She's not eccentric, she's totally cool!

She's neither, she's an awkward girl from an upper-middle class New York family who contrives to appear 'edgy' and 'cool', but fails on both counts. All I see is an attention seeking narcissist, who will wither up and die when the oxygen of publicity is passed onto someone else... hence her continued desperation on her part to ensure that doesn't happen.

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Bad idea. It totally does not fit with the rest of the program.

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Wow, Christmas sure is over and finished here on JT, can't believe all that negativity and thumbs down regarding her! Come on get a grip on reality: you are TOO OLD for her! I still love "my" 80's music, than again I do admit that most of it sounds "cheesy" for today's youth. And calling her "shallow", no way, eccentric, yes sure. Just glancing at the Wikipedia article about her achievements, Guinness World Records, Grammys, etc and her millions of sold albums and singles (to a target group that mostly sees no problem in acquiring music for free!) one would think she has been doing this for many years, whereas she only shot to fame beginning of 2009, just three years ago! I saw her once when waiting to board a plane at Narita, in June two years ago, from afar, without realizing it. Actually nobody seemed to recognize that girl with the body suit and high heels then...! As for her "copying", she openly says she admires Madonna, and she took ideas from many different artists, mainly from the 80's, but for me that's not copying, because she combines these for her own style.

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I hope beautiful South Korean group Kara will appear too!! I 'll be glued to my TV and set "record" Yes!!

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you are TOO OLD for her!

I'm younger than Gaga.

I still love "my" 80's music, than again I do admit that most of it sounds "cheesy" for today's youth

Madonna's 80s stuff and even Britney's 2000s music sounds better than Gaga. I wouldn't mind if her music was good, but Gaga's new album is heavily 80s inspired in the worst way, so therefore lots of uninspired Meatloaf type ballads mixed in with self-indulgent 'inspirational' dross. Not good music.

She has the audacity to act like she's a living, breathing, walking art installation, and act like she has intellectual pretensions all the while dancing to music created by Darkchild and RedOne (how avant garde!)

Someone like Britney Spears radiates charisma and star appeal, she never had to be anything other than 'Britney' to became a global icon. Beautiful, blonde, distinctive voice, and a great dancer (or at least was a great dancer).She just had that certain 'it' major stars have. Stefani Germanotta has none of those qualities, so she created the Gaga persona to gain fame,which is fair enough, but then had the temerity to act like she's the second coming of Christ in the process. Nauseating.

Kohaku is boring enough, but she makes it even worse. Give me ten over the hill enka singers over Stefani Germanota anyday.

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They say that in Japan fads develop and die off at a much faster pace then in the U.S. I hope the fad of "Lady" Gaga becomes nothing more then a forgotten memory in Japan, at best a bad memory.

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oginome; really?

You don't rate Darkchild and RedOne as excellent producers?

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You don't rate Darkchild and RedOne as excellent producers?

RedOne, yes, Darkchild, no.

What I'm saying is that Gaga is not innovative, she sings the same dance pop everyone else does, but just because she wears a lobster hat or meat dress does not make her any more profound, sorry.

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They say that in Japan fads develop and die off at a much faster pace then in the U.S. I hope the fad of "Lady" Gaga becomes nothing more then a forgotten memory in Japan, at best a bad memory.

Heh, legions of dancing schoolgirl groups are still around, aren't they? So no, no it doesn't.

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I heard she was going to where a hat made of sashimi. sunglasses made of senbe, and a dress made out of sushi to show her support for Japan during the Utagassen.

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oops...where = wear

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Good on her.

But she still hasn't shown her true skills, like Madonna did in "Evita" or her ballads, etc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQsooCyjcv4 Madonna excels mostly outside pop, most good/top musicians can cover a variety of music genres, etc.

Neither has she produced a song of this calibre: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=HFZmRVjUJnY&NR=1

Not against her but it takes 10+yrs on the top of the charts to make a career.

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tkoind2, most people would agree with you. Most people in their 50s, that is.

I think that bicultural thinks you are too old to have an opinion... Well, I'm not in over 50 and I don't think Gaga is all that good at all either. However, we are talking about pop-music so depth of talent isn't a requirement. She does have a lot of fans but so did Britney Spears. She did do some positive things for Japan this year with respect to the earthquake/tsunami disaster this year. Being on Kahaku Uta Gassen is a nice recognition of that. Her act is a re-tread going back to the 80's - but hey, she is making a good living. There are probably more than a few young people with an understanding of music that see Gaga's act for what it is, a simple re-cycling of Madonna's career. That's not a bad thing - it just isn't anything all that special.

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For those bashing NHK, if you don't feel you should pay, then just don't watch NHK! Simple as that!

For those who don't like Gaga, then change the channel when she comes on!

For those who don't really watch Kohaku Uta Gassen, then who cares who's on the show!

Will she be the first foreign singer to appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen? She is very popular and I'm sure a lot of the younger generations will watch the show just to see Gaga perform.

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I am not a big Gaga fan myself but she is hardly the worst of the worst. She is a very gifted and talented musician. I can name 30 other artists or groups far worse with absolutely no talent. Yet some people here wold think are just the best there ever was. The problem is that there are so few new artists these days to fill in the gaps. Gaga is among only a handful of artists which are even making any waves at all in a ever fading industry. Another thing to take into consideration is how I-tunes is changing the current landscape of the music industry, for better or for worse. I am still on the fence on this but I think it has made many artists lazy. My feeling is that you can't get a since for a group or artist by just one or two songs. Yet that is how most people are downloading or acquiring their music now days. One might say, "Hey I really like that song but I don't really know the artist." Kinda sad really that it is coming to that .

The belief that artist's are going to just think: "Hey I can hit it big off this one song, so the rest of the album doesn't have to be that great." You couldn't really get away with that kind of thinking before when album sales were more important. Although if bands start aiming just for singles, then we likely will have lost part of our musically identity. Say what you will about Gaga but you can't deny the influence she has over the industry as well as with her fans. She in a very real since is carrying the weight of the music industry on her back. Much in the same way Ayumi Hamasaki is in retrospect here. What happens from this point on is anyone's guess. Will the new digital domain of I-tunes bring in a new era of music or will it be it's death blow still remains to be seen. Only time will tell how much of an asset it will become or not. I just hope for everyone's sake it will be for the better.

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I saw Gaga on the TV the other day and she is an artist to be recognized. She uses Japanese designers and her songs are ok. She may have a limited life at the top but I think she is pretty clever to know where her biggest market is ....Japan. I will be watching and enjoying hopefully!

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I may sound naïve, but I cannot wait to see Lady Gaga her on Kohaku really! Happy, we'll have a couple of K-pop lasses as well as little sisters of AKB48! ^^ But it would be pahfecto if KNU23 were there!!

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Everyone seems to complain that Gaga is a Madonna copy. So what? She's in her mid-twenties and has managed to do more than people do in their entire lives. Even if she's a copy, she's a damn good one that's well accepted by fans across the world. It takes some guts to do what she does and I applaud her for everything she stands for. Angry people keep finding flaws in all other people just to justify their own existence. Chill, people. Put all that anger in the past and focus on your own growth in 2012.

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Those of you who say Gaga hasn't "proved" herself....there are several ballads on her albums, country songs, rock, plus she sings live without autotune and still pulls off a great show, more than you can say for lots of pop artists these days. Plus she did a duet with Tony Bennett!! And held her own!

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Gaga is a cheap Madonna rip off. Sure she writes her own music but that makes it even worst. She cannot blame her copycat style on some producer, it is entirely her own theft. She garrish, unoriginal and trivial and when the shock value dies, she will join all the other shallow pop on the mountain of forgotten music.

"You kids get off my lawn!!!"

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