Lady Gaga voted AP Entertainer of the Year


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"Entertainment" isn't what it used to be.

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Yes, she looks very gaga to me but not a lady at all. Her songs are boring and repetitive she is showing off her bum and legs but those things can't sing. Her vocal capabilities are just passing the minimum requirement for a singer and she said she is suffering from Lupus erythematosus (hence the face masks) beside drug abuse and can only write songs with drugs. Well, everybody has their own problem. I couldn't write songs even with drugs.

Gaga is a poor performer and I think Jennifer Rush's vocal and singing technique should be the standard for female singers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrY-nC6QYwk What an ugly guy I am, trying to smuggle in something tasteful. :-D

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I prefer Britney.

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She was on the news a moment ago and said so many nice things about Japan.

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Lady Gaga voted AP Entertainer of the Year

It is an american classification, so it is not about all the world. Lady Gaga is purely an American product which they try to push around the world by force.

Gaga is a poor performer and I think Jennifer Rush's vocal and singing technique should be the standard for female singers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrY-nC6QYwk What an ugly guy I am, trying to smuggle in something tasteful. :-D

Wow, what an amazing singer and what an amazing song (Power of Love), Munya. So elegant, tasteful, delightful, great voice, wonderful melody, unforgettable lurics. But now radio and music industry try to promote Lady Gaga, classical beauty will disappear giving way to mediocrate singers, like Lady Gaga, AKB58 etc...It is sad.

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Yes, as you stated, sad thing in a way. Gaga has the most powerful management and promotion team among our contemporary singers. I brought up that song (Rush's own composition in cooperation with Celine Dione) as she sing "I am your Lady" so for me the a Lady doesn't start with Gaga but with Rush.

I miss her and many of the great artist and their arts who could really give us something in our dark age and like Rush, not everybody has to strip. We have too many singing strippers.

I think that song and Rush is where arts begins and Gaga is where entertainment begins and arts ends.

Anyway, I am glad and thank you that you took the trouble to click the link and listened that song. And liked it.

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No offence Munya,but pretty nerdy.How many grandchildren do you have ? Don't even think about that as a Christmas present for them..

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Munya Wolfpack it says entertainer of the year not singer of the year

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@Dennis Bauer

More or less the same even as Gaga takes it:

While accepting the best pop vocal album Grammy

Gaga shamelessly copies David Bowie, without the artistic and intellectual values of his songs



not mentioning his performance



and Madonna, without her strong personality, appearance and charisma. Everybody noticed that.

@calm down

She, the master of copying, is taking me back to the past values, sorry I can't help.

How many grandchildren do you have ?

I will check it out, must have even grand grand children as I valued The Platters, like Fred Astaire movies, love the soprano of Kiri Te Kanawa and Maria Callas, and the tenor of Enrico Caruso.

Now it's easy to calculate my age for the smart one like you. No offence @calm down, hope not too nerdy. :-DDD

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Thank you, Munya , for the beautiful link. It reminds me that real music and are not dead (yet). Soemtimes I feel art is dead in Japan because of the mass attack of AKB 48. Their name reminds me the automatic machine gun AK (Kalashnikov) that shoots right through the heart of art.

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She is an entertainer but I dont think she deserves to be called an artist. In an attempt to produce "meaningful" and "thought-provoking" songs, her lyrics just end up completely messed up (has anyone actually LISTENED to the lyrics of "Judas"?). I wrote a college paper in which I discussed "Judas" (particularly the video clip which is chock-a-block with religious symbolism), and the religious references themselves have no real function lyrically or metaphorically. She just uses religion because she knows its going to get a rise out of people and not because she truly believes its an analogy for her "dark past". Lady Gaga will not be remembered as a great artists like the ones she copies (most prominently Madonna, David Bowie, Elton John, Cher)... rather, she will be remembered as little more than a conceptual art prank.

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gaga is a musical genius not to mention an entrepeneur who breaks boundries and makes people think about what there values are. its very easy to say accept yourself when you are like everyone else .she is not like everyone else and does not care if you like her or not.shes just doing what makes her happy musically. its a different type of music than rush...it makes you move....just dance

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