Lady Gaga wows S Koreans as global tour kicks off


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“Lady Gaga… is a wounded soul that is in desperate need of restoration. Therefore Christians should love and bless her. We should hate the evil spirit behind her, not Lady Gaga herself,” they said in a leaflet."....very well said

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I've noticed that the evil of Christianity has infected Korea. One good thing I will say about Japan - thank god(!) most people here haven't been indoctrinated by this claptrap. I hope she does well just to spite these protesters.

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more shows were added that tickets can still be had I believe

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"The concert prompted opposition from religious groups who accuse Lady Gaga of advocating homosexuality and pornography."

These nuts exist everywhere, as can be seen on the AKB48 candy and kissing ad. If some SK people are angry about what the show entails, they should point to their government and express anger at them making it "over 18" -- lady Gaga was just playing their game. I'm no fan, and think she is way too over the top, but she's quite clever, wants to help people (helped Japan!), and is obviously good at playing the crowd.

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2shows were added after the initial show on the 12 & 13th

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The Korean Association of Church Communication vowed last month to take “concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography” by the U.S. star’s concert.

With her strong anti-bullying campaigning, Lady Gaga has done far more good in the world than the obnoxious conservative Christians have... these people need to go home and lock themselves in closets (irony on purpose) until they learn how to be decent human beings.

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"The Korean Association of Church Communication"

They obviously have too much time on their hands.

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Haters gonna hate. I'm admittedly no fan of Lady Gaga and her attention-seeking antics, I think her songs are over-produced rubbish and I hate that we're going to be referred to in the future as the "Lady Gaga Generation"... but I'm taking her side in this. An above commenter says it all, she's is "playing their game" and she still gets flamed for it. You're never going to please everyone, so you might as well not give a toss what anyone else thinks and if people are paying to come to your concerts, then give them a great concert. In that sense, I find her inspiring.

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Lady Gaga rode onto the stage on horseback That poor horse.

I liked gaga. I saw her in concert but recently she's nothing but a bore now who only tries harder and harder to be obscene and push boundaries. Madonna already did that, sounds the same and has been around for a heck of a lot longer. Gaga needs to become a nun if she wants to continuing shocking people as everything she does now is just pathetic and put together by her PR team.

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As a Christian, I'd like to ask these nutters exactly how one gets 'infected' by homosexuality or pornography. Maybe there are bacteria out there we've yet to discover....

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A true born again Christian should never be permitted to judge someone who has not professed faith in Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation. and hold them responsible to the high Christian standard of values. You may not like Lady Gaga, or care about her music, costume, and performance. However she has supported and contributed a large amount of money for many charities, organizations and foundations throughout the world to help the less fortunate and needy, the sick and afflicted. She dug deep and continues to work hard and donate from her concerts and online store. She is a creative and generous philanthropist, therefore I salute her and give her credit for being so loving and kindhearted. She is honest, doesn't hide anything and is who she is. But it's human nature and their will always be a tendency for narrow minded and insecure people with low self-esteem to ruminate and focus on the negative because a person is different or perhaps jealous of their success. I wish Lady Gaga good luck as she continues on her concert tour.

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I looked at the photo and thought she'd been cloned. Twice.

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I say ya ya to lady ga-ga and bully to her for generous contributions to combat this bad social behavior

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is a wounded soul that is in desperate need of restoration.

Feh. Whether you love or music or not (I like it.), the woman is a humanitarian and an example for people. She was one of the first, if not the first, entertainer to give money to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake, and it was a huge amount. She regularly gives to various charities. I believe she is a soul that has already been saved and she shows the way for others to be saved as well.

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