Late Michael Jackson breaks new record with 'Thriller' sales


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It still doesnt seem real that MJ has gone. A reminder to "dont stop till ya get enough"

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But many experts doubt that any album will ever match “Thriller” in sales, at least in the Western world, with 21st-century fans enjoying instant access to a huge array of digital music.

^^^ This. I don't know of anyone who buys albums/CDs when they first come out anymore. They either wait for a "Greatest Hits" CD or buy the singles online. Thriller will probably sit on this throne for the remainder of the existence of "albums".

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"Thriller" was alright. "Off the Wall" was much much better.

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Do not really care about his personal life, everyone has their quirks some more odd than others. What I will always stick by is the dude could dance and sing like no one else at the time or even currently.

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MJ and Quincy Jones were a fantastic team. Well written, well performed, well recorded, well produced. I disagree with Mocheake - I think Thriller was the overall better album, but Off the Wall was great, too.

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