Late-night hosts say fighting racism means more than talk


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“We spend more on the system that punishes and devalues black lives than we do on the things that reaffirm and value black lives and allows people to live lives of safety, decency and health,” he said.

Rewarding good parenting, promoting the family unit and investment in youth centers might go a long way to stopping black crime.

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And changing people's attitudes

Like that white woman walking her dog unleashed on NY Central Park making wrong statements to 911 about a black man threatening her

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Most White spiteful people do not know, the consequences of their racism, until they lose everything, let alone the legal implications of being a racist

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Wake up. There are no psychological 'normals'. No Screening. No testing. Stop playing victim of the wrongs perpetuated on your ancestors, you don't deserve it, and stop using that blame to accent your own failures. Live your life with a fresh perspective and limitless goals. Own your own guilt of resting on ancestral issues. I refuse to be mandated trending guilt. Politicians blatantly token issues without deep character changes. 'Look at me... I'm not racist, I feel your pain! Vote for me and I'll set you free!! A CNN personality declares; if you hear someone say they aren't racist... Run the other way!!! That same personality then lauding and applauding the participation of non-blacks in the same protest on the very next day. what happened is WRONG. On the day I heard the news, I wondered how things would be different if NO COLOR was mentioned in the reporting of the murder. But... that would be racist.

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‘Silence is not an option’: What CEOs are saying about racial violence in America

From Ben & Jerry’s to General Motors, corporate America is expressing solidarity with black lives.

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” MLK

"In the past year, 1,014 people have been shot and killed by police, and black Americans are targets at a disproportionate rate compared to other racial groups. And in a vast majority of the cases, police aren’t charged with any wrongdoing."

White silence is complicity, it is violence, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of racism and oppression - and it is no longer tolerable.

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