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Lawsuit looms over 'Stairway to Heaven'


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Or perhaps they could form up with the remaining members of both bands... release a single with both versions of the song... split the profits and laugh about it all the way to the bank!

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This has been bantered about in the past, but waiting so long to file...........shud have been done ages ago if they were concerned me thinks

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I'm with you guys, but there are some striking similarities. And don't forget, this isn't necessarily going to be tried by people who know music. Remember that George Harrison lost the My Sweet Lord vs. He's So Fine case.

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I'm a big Zep fan and have listened to Taurus multiple times. It's a beautiful piece of music, but I doubt they'll win this case. This happens in music all the time and let's face it, music these days is just samples of older songs anyway!

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If they literally took Taurus note sheet and transposed on to their own sheet while composing the song, i see something, but will be so difficult to prove for something so damn long ago. Waste of time and money and why is this coming out now, there should be a statute of limitations on this kind of stuff. And my guess is the general lyrics and spirit of the song is probably quite different than Taurus, in which case not plaguerism.

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Ha - lol nec123 exactly right - any guitarist noodling in Am will naturally play that intro. They'll have a great deal of difficulty proving it was plagiarized from them.

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Gee - 60s band writes tune with an A minor arpeggio section and related tone chords... from this they decide it is plagiarism? It Taurus doesn't have the ascending counterpoint, nor does it resolve to the same chords as Stairway. The opening of stairway is based around (but develops on) a natural fingering that any guitarist could 'discover' whilst noodling away in Am. Can't imagine there will be a case to answer.

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Greed, thy name is Lawyer-for-estate-of-a-Long-Dead-Guy

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Pff, good luck. Where have they been in all these years?

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