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Leah Dizon reappears after 3 years


Former model and singer Leah Dizon, 26, who left Japan with her daughter after divorcing her husband in 2010, made an appearance before the media in Japan this week for the first time in three years.

Dizon, who now lives at her mother's place in Las Vegas with her 4-year-old daughter, appeared at an event held by AXE (a men's cosmetics brand). "Long time no see, Japan!" she said.

Dizon said she travels back and forth between Japan and the U.S. She said that during the past three years, she experienced some ups and downs such as the cancellation of a movie she was supposed to appear in, due to a budget shortfall.

According to the June 25 issue of magazine Joseijishin, Dizon is back in Japan because her ex-stylist husband BUN stopped sending child support. "Apparently his business partner went bankrupt. But he needs to continue his responsibility for his daughter," Dizon told reporters.

The couple met in 2008 on the set of a promo video shoot for Dizon’s single “Love Paradox.” The pair were married in October of the same year in what Dizon later confirmed had been a shotgun wedding.

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I hope that Dizon didn't bring her child with her on her trip to Japan... we all know what happens next in Japan when that happens!

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According to the June 25 issue of magazine Joseishi,

I could not find any magazine with this name. I suspect it's a typo. Normally "joseishi" is just a generic term meaning "women's magazine."

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lots of pictures and videos of the event on Google and youtube if you're interested. Man I was a huge Leah fan back in the day and she's looking a lot more European than I remember but I can't help but feel like this comeback (which now makes the second time?) is doomed. Her appeal was being a cute single American chick and now that she's a solo mother.. what will be in her place in the industry and who is her target?

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No pic of the event?

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The magazine's name is Joseijishin.

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Wait,,, Is this the woman who used to grab her husband by his private parts?

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Bad news for the "big peach"

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Yay Leah is back <3

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