Led Zeppelin loses fight for legal fees in 'Stairway' case


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There are both distinct similarities and distinct differences, but I don't think it's plagiarism.


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The loser should always pay. But then a bunch of lawyers would be out of work and well, that just won't do.

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Does anybody remember laughter?

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The judge must have been a Stones fan.....

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This whole suit was a joke. Any true fan of Zeppelin well knows the song was inspired by Satan...not Spirit. Long live Rock!

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This case must have been like a stairway to hell!

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Now ask yourself who really won and who lost!!! Lawyers 2 defendant and plaintiff 0

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The judge, however, had strong words for plaintiff’s attorney Francis Malofiy, who is currently serving a three-month suspension for serious misconduct in a copyright case over Usher’s “Bad Girl.”

In the Led Zeppelin case, Klausner reprimanded Malofiy for some of his antics and frequently blocked his questions because of objections by Led Zeppelin lawyers.

“Throughout the course of litigation, plaintiff’s counsel demonstrated a tenuous grasp of legal ethics and a rudimentary understanding of courtroom decorum,” Klausner wrote.

The plaintiff got lucky on this one

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Agreed clamenza, they have gotten away with musical blue murder imo. Spirit could never have produced 'Stairway' of course, but the opening riff is a little more than inspiration, that's for sure.

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Lawyers for the win again.

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The lawyers did not earn 800,000 bucks. How much did the lawyers charge the claimant? Incredible.

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They should just thank their lucky stars they beat the case and pay the lawyers fees. I listened to the song the allegedly didn't steal and its shockingly similar.

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