Led Zeppelin victorious in 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright trial


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Justice is served. It was a spurious lawsuit from the start.

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These cases demonstrate the need for reform of copyright law. In both instances the authors of what is claimed to be the original work are dead, yet their relatives are still allowed to sue others for alleged copyright infringement. They did not create anything themselves, they are just parasites.

The copyright industry tells us that a long copyright term is needed to reward creativity and to encourage people to produce new works. Neither argument applied in these cases.

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Stairway to Heaven has been overrated for decades. Me, I prefer Led Zepp low key tunes like, "Out on the Tiles". Or how Page ripps his Les Paul through "Since I've Been Loving You" (live version).

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Whatever way you think - this is just bizarre -

".....his side was hamstrung by U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner’s order preventing jurors from listening to Spirit’s recording of “Taurus.”

I mean in a court case challenging the similarity of 2 pieces of music the jurors are not allowed to listen to one piece???

I don't care 1 way or another - but the fact that Spirit toured with Zepplin at least twice in the US a year or so before stairway was written, Page has the Taurus album which he can't recall how he acquired and the the 2 riffs do have distinct similarities, all seem to suggest that the track Taurus strongly influenced Stairway - without suggesting that it is a direct copy.

It could all be a massive coincidence, but the jury not being allowed to listen to the 2 pieces throws a squirrely for sure.

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NExt studio album should be called "Spirit"!

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Although both songs have an underlying Am chord progression, little to nothing else are anything near similar.


This video shows both the similarities and more importantly the differences.

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It could all be a massive coincidence, but the jury not being allowed to listen to the 2 pieces throws a squirrely for sure.

Agreed. That's what I thought, too, when I read this order from the judge. You can't make an objective judgement if you don't hear both sides of the story, or in this case, both pieces of music.

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And when they DO get to hear the riff in question they will know they have made the wrong decision because it is clearly ripped off. I was shocked when I actually heard it recently because I thought it was Zep, but it was in fact Taurus. I really like Led Zeppelin and love Stairway, but that's about the biggest ripoff I've ever heard. Agree about parasitic relations and lawsuits though.

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Does anybody remember laughter?

Led Zeppelin does as they continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

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