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Lee 'Scratch' Perry, reggae and dub wizard, dies at 85


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Legend has it he created drum effects by burying a mic at the base of a palm tree, and wove the sound of marijuana smoke blown into a mic into his works.

"You could never put your finger on Lee Perry -- he's the Salvador Dali of music," Keith Richards told Rolling Stone in 2010.

This one hurts. A true innovator and legend. Rest In Power

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RIP, what a legend. That's a fine obituary too, written by someone who knows reggae.

I'll stick "Super Ape" and "Heart of the Congos" on today.

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great musician. Eccentric as hell. Good combination.

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Making music with nature sounds. And he did a much better job at it than those wussy new agers.

This guy certainly was eccentric but he was innovative as hell. he was like a Brian Wilson of reggae, nobody was quite like him. A 'mad genius' maybe but he was a damn good one.

We just lost another reggae great with Toots Mayall who put out an excellent (and unfortunately last) CD about a year ago. CoVid-19 dusted him off just like that. Earlier this year we lost Bunny too. This is sad, man.

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones, Lee Scratch Perry, others. Go away, Grim Reaper! Get lost! Enough!

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A true king of reggae

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LEGEND, I had the pleasure of meeting him a few time and what a dude ! RIP I’ll have a white widow next time I’m in the Dam thinking of you!

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