Legendary, Chinese group to make blockbuster films


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Please no more Hangovers. The first was bad enough - beyond me why they made sequels. I can already imagine a bunch of drunk Chinese guys heading off to Waikiki to find some busty blondes, when they stumble across undeniable evidence that Hawaii is inalienable Chinese territory. They try to return to Beijing with this precious discovery, but are hampered the Mafia, a CIA agent played by Zach the chubby guy with the beard, several evil Japanese spies, and their own inebriation. Hijinks ensue...

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@Commanteer - I think you've just written a hit movie, lol

Aren't Legendary the people behind the Dark Knight films, the new Superman one and the Gojira remake?

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"Blockbuster" denotes a very popular or successful production. These guys must be able to tell the future if they are already declaring success!

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That sounds like a good deal for everyone.For me as a consumer, I will be able to enjoy more feature films while living in China. The bootleg market for dvd will probably remain the same. If you want to be a real presance in the Chinese market place you must have a Chinese partner.

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