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Legendary director Kubrick honored with London show


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So many amazing movies from Kubrick - Paths of Glory, Dr Strangelove, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Clockwork Orange, The Shining - and a few duds (anyone want to defend Eyes Wide Shut?)

I'd certainly be having a look at this if I lived in London - even though my first reaction to the Star Child prop above was how plasticky it looks. Shows what a great director can do with a great cinematographer.

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Practically every image in Kubrick's films is unforgettable and iconic. Kubrick could create alternate worlds that are utterly believable in themselves.

anyone want to defend Eyes Wide Shut?

I would. Watch it again.

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I hate Kubrick


He marked the path nobody should ever walk or love. That is his only value in art.

For example?

When somebody loves kubrick, he is a liar or a devil to be.

Again wow! How pretentious. Pointing fingers? Well, you might not know what they say about that.

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I would. Watch it again.

What, and lose another 2 hours 45 minutes of my life?

No thanks, I'll have another look at Barry Lyndon. Now there's a movie that didn't get the credit it deserved.

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Beckton is NOT in south east London, it's in east London and north of the river.

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