Lennon's lyrics, Cobain's letter and Gaga's piano up for auction


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Lennon and Cobain in the same sentence as Gaga, boooo.

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I like the Beatles but one of my least favorite albums is Sgt. Pepper and one of my least favorite songs on that album is "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!".

I've never got the attraction of that album. One or two classics - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and A Day in the Life. Lovely Rita is also good. It doesn't touch Revolver or Rubber Soul for me.

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Kobe white - I surely can understand Lennon being in the same sentence - but Cobain - what'd he ever do?

Gaga has done more and continues to do more for the entertainment / social activist genre than ever good old kurt ever imagined could be possible.

And don't get me wrong, I'm a Nirvana fan from the onset - BIG in fact - but those who deify KC after he stropped himself leaving so many hanging are the ones not on the right page.

Gaga is measurably, read measurably, more talented and has displayed genuine concern for the plight of others. She uses her elevated status for the betterment of many - including suicidal horse addicts.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this dissing on Gaga ad nauseum is so lame.

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Lady Gaga must die first for to get this kind of price for her first Piano.

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one of my least favorite songs on that album is "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!".

It's one of my favorites. The lyrics are based on a circus poster from the 19th century. The "late of Pablo Fanque's fair" line puzzled me as a kid.

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@Brownie 1 "Sorry to be so blunt, but this dissing on Gaga ad nauseum is so lame." Yes your comment is both blunt and lame as I was just giving my opinion as I rate Lennon and Cobain and dont rate Gaga in the slightest. agree to disagree.

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Kobe - thanks for the reply.

Well if you were "just giving your opinion", it was Blunt in the least - you even threw in a "booo". And the lameness I was referring to was not the right to hold an opinion, but why people diss on gaga.

So could you give me your honest opinion re why gaga doesn't rate in the slightest.

I gave you my opinion with some very brief factual information to lend a bit of substance. And ironic to this I believe she was awarded the Lennon Peace award - shared with pussy riot if I remember correctly.

So a little more please.

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Gaga is a celebrity. It may even be fair to call her a household name, as she does have that level of fame. She does not have a musical legacy. She is a musician, but her music only plays a portion of her success. Much of her fame is attributed to her clothing design, which is usually quite unique and tends to demand attention.

Kurt Cobain and John Lennon, on the other hand - claimed musical fame through strictly musical production.

Cobain and his band, Nirvana - are perhaps the most famous band of the grunge genre, and without them, there would have been much less attention for grunge music. They inspired a countless number of bands, and even today are still very popular with youth. Kurt Cobain left a true musical legacy, one that is not to be forgotten before Gaga.

On a final note - I would like to say that its absolutely irrelevant to include what a musician does outside of music, including general entertainment, politics or philanthropy. These may help a musician in their musical success, but they do not help in musical legacy.

Lady Gaga does NOT have the musical legacy that Lennon and Cobain have secured.

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Can't say I know much about Gaga's music, but most awards don't mean much to real musicians or true fans for that matter. Plus she is still alive and making music, so it's a bit premature to discuss her 'legacy' now. But, any musician who needs to bring that much attention to themselves aside from the music itself is setting themselves up for attack from people who would argue that with Cobain and Lennon it was all about the music and nothing else. (Cobain did wear a dress on stage on occasion but I don't think that was any kind of fashion statement or desire to be noticed).

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@ Brown1

With regards to gaga id rather listen to underwater farts ok.

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@ Brown1

Lennon and Cobains talent have been proven by time. Gaga is a on over the top performer who fits into a genre she has done nothing ground breaking musically. I just just spent 20 minutes listening to here just to be sure im not being a old man (37) Like i said we can agree to disagree. Interesting side note that Gaga is a ancient Greek family name for a self pollinating flower you should look into it mate.

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Kobe - thanks.

I agree - Lennons talent has been proven over the ages - I never said anything to the contrary.

Gaga - yes performer, composer, songwriter, outstanding musician, outstanding singer, artist, choreographer and more.

Whether one likes her style, music, personality etc is subjective and rightly so - we all have differing preferences.

But I need something concrete for me to accept she is over the top, never done anything musically ground breaking, fits into a genre???, and deserves a Boooo.

If you don't really know about her, research a little more and I think you may well be surprised.

And I reiterate - as big a fan as I am of Nirvana and K. Cobain - I don't really know what he has contributed to be elevated to Lennon status.

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When i say fits into a genre i mean she did not help create it like Lennon and Nirvana. My boo was my opinion of putting (in my view) a lesser musician with L&C. As for something concrete to accept she is over the top, watch one of her videos on mute and judge for yourself. Cobain helped bring a generation of lost people together and give them a voice when all around them (musically was pap, again in my opinion.) If it had been Sigur Ros - XXs - Darf Punk who are all still living and breathing i would not have boo'd.

All my objective opinion but for me to boo am i one of these "haters" or just a person who knows what he likes and likes what he know. Subject closed from this end.

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Wrist watch - I agree with some of your sentiments.

But it's a bit hard to leave a legacy when you're still a young(ish) active performer and haven't died yet.

Much of her fame is for her clothing design? Really? How about her designs are but 1 part of many, many aspects?

And who's making rules for musical legacy? You? When have I ever mentioned "Musical Legacy" let alone the rules and conditions which are to be adhered to fit such a legacy?

Lennon is known the world over These Days as much as for his Peace work as his musical brilliance. It would be weird to try and remove that from the Persona of Lennon because it doesn't fit his musical legacy.

My initial response on this discussion was pointed towards the critical comments that folks like to bludgeon gaga with, often with little or no background knowledge of her or her work aside from some superficial media bites.

That's all. Spend a bit of time researching her volume of work to date, get to know it, see how she is respected by world musical industry peers (not bloggers) and in general the stamp she has put on the industry to date.

She aint over yet.

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I did not mean to insult her musical work, there is nothing I disagree with you here. She still has time to make her mark a more everlasting one, and you are correct that I do not know of her discography and I have never read or seen a biography on her. However, I do know some bit about her lifestyle and interests. I also stand by my statement that Lennon and Cobain have left a larger footprint in the musical scene then Gaga has.

Again - she ain't over yet.

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