Liam Gallagher talks solo rise, family feud and rock music


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Mockery of rock..

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Wonder if Liam knows he is probably the scapegoat in a narcissistic family where Noel is the golden child.

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If Liam is a scapegoat he's earned it by being a prat all his life. I'd rather listen to his big brother, the one who got the brain in the genetic lottery.

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Ahh, the Gallagher brothers!! Both prickly and cantankerous!

I had the pleasure of sharing drinks with Noel and bandmates when he was in Tokyo back in 2007 and got invited to a private concert put on by a music label. There was clearly no love lost between the brothers at that point.

I always thought that Noel was the more talented musician but that's just a personal opinion. Having said that, I was immensely jealous of Liam because he had been married to Patsy Kensit! :-)

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Oasis was a rip off band. Cleverly done, but do yourself a favour listen to the real thing.

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These guys got much more attention than they ever deserved. 3-hit wonderwalls. All the rest was just boys behaving badly.

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Say what you want, but Oasis left their mark and will go down in rock history.

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Say what you want, but Oasis left their mark and will go down in rock history.

Really? Did they have any other hits than Wonderwall? I thought that was their one hit. I couldn't name another song by them myself, though that's probably because I found wonderwall so whiny.

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"Oasis have had eight UK number-one singles and eight UK number-one albums."

You don't have to love them to admit they left their mark. Tons of greatly talented musicians that few people will ever hear of. But in commercial terms, Oasis was a top band.

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Still very pop around Camden Town in London. Home too of Madness and Singer Amy Winehouse.

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Two decent LPs, followed by repetition after repetition.

Some might say...

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I like their music. But it's nothing groundbreaking or even that moving. Wouldn't compare them to Amy Winehouse or Radiohead for example, who are in another league altogether.

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Looking back I think Oasis were a pretty good band. But what turned me off in the mid 90s was when Liam was popping off his chops about how they were more Fab than the Beatles, better than the Beatles + Stones + God. IOW, it was Liam's big mouth. And even now he's playing his Trump card by saying he was 'born great' and all that ego crap.

But it was his brother Noel who was the prime mover and brains behind Oasis and last year I saw him with his new band in concert. That explained everything. Now that the dust has settled I can truly appreciate what a terrific band Oasis was but Noel made it all worthwhile and he's what made them good. Not that Liam is an awful rock'n'roller (he isn't) but his ego is the biggest spoiler. He needs to grow up some more. Noel sure has.

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