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'Liar Game' sees second season and movie


Actress Erika Toda, 20, and actor Shota Matsuda, 23, were on hand recently at an event announcing the simultaneous production of the Fuji TV serial drama, "Liar Game Season 2" (which begins in November, Tuesdays at 9 p.m.) and the movie "Liar Game: The Final Stage" (directed by Hiroaki Matsumoto and scheduled for release Feb 6, 2010).

The show skyrocketed to popularity since its start in April of last year, moving from 11 p.m. on Saturdays to a prime time slot, and is now celebrating a second season and plans for the creation of a movie. The second season will focus on the semifinals of the white-knuckle brain game, while the movie will document the finals competition.

When asked what she would do if she won the 5 billion yen grand prize, Toda replied, "I'd buy a house in some place like Okinawa, then save the rest," while Matsuda said, "I'd make a movie theater and name it after myself. Then I'd only show movies I made."

Toda's character is a university student who plays the game to the bitter end despite being repeatedly fooled. When tested with the game at the event, she lost hands down. On the other hand, Matsuda made it to the final two, keeping up appearances for his swindler character.

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Erika Toda is hot

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I'm looking forward to this. The first series was a nice mix of game theory, probability and mystery.

Hope they change the director, though. In the first series, whenever something important happened, he'd zoom in on the faces of everybody in the room, one after the other. If the room was pretty crowded, this took a while. It got quite annoying.

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"the 5 billion yen grand prize"

I could live with that.

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Great show, nice surprise! Yeah, they did pad some scenes but otherwise enough happens in each show.

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cool, been waiting for this for over a year, excellent music...

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One of the best dorama I've seen.

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Matsuda Shota is so sexy!!! Luv him!

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I love the Liar Game manga but somehow I didn't like Matsuda's potrayal of Akiyama Shinichi. Nothing against Matsuda, he's one of my current favourite actors.

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