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Live-action Hollywood 'Beyblade' film is in the works

By Krista Rogers, RocketNews24

Following the success of other popular toy franchises turned Hollywood films such as "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," Paramount Pictures has announced that they have acquired the rights to make a live-action "Beyblade" film based on the internationally popular Japanese toy franchise Beyblade, which encompasses various media forms all revolving around the concept of spinning battle tops inhabited by powerful "bit-beasts."

The original "Beyblade" manga was first serialized in Japan’s CoroCoro Comic from 1999-2003, eventually spawning a three-season anime TV series, film, spin-offs, and of course, the actual line of toys developed by toy manufacturer Takara (now known as Takara Tomy). The series achieved international popularity after its initial release success in America and South Korea. A sequel – also known as the second generation – to the series, "Metal Fight Beyblade" (Beyblade: Metal Fusion), was released in 2008. The third generation, "Beyblade Burst," is set to premiere this July.

The anime follows a group of young teenagers called the Bladebreakers who take on other teams in various beyblade tournaments.

For the most part, Japanese Internet users reacted with incredulity upon hearing the news of a live-action film adaptation:

“Wha!?!?!!?!? Lolololololol”

“What? Are American-style monsters gonna come out of the beyblades??”

“Super nostalgic…”

“I’d rather have them make a Mini 4WD live-action film than a Beyblade one.”

“‘Go, Dragoon!!‘ Heh”

“Hey, how about a Zoids live-action next?”

The live-action film is being spearheaded by Mary Parent, who served as producer for "Pacific Rim" and last year’s American version of "Godzilla." No other specific release details have been announced at this time.

Sources: Crank-In via My Game News Flash

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Um... seriously? Just why? There's no need for all these live-action adaptations. The format doesn't work. Anime like Ghost in the Shell and Shingeki no Kyojin were successful because they were just that: anime. If you want a Beyblade movie, just record your kids playing with them. That's basically what this movie is going to be, only with 500% more CGI. And if Michael Bay gets involved, there'll be a lot of cars rolling around and unnecessary explosions. Just give it a rest Hollywood, it's not necessary.

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Of all the shows they could choose from to make into a live action movie they thought this was their best bet? I'm sure this will flop harder than the live action Dragonball movie.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

How about a live-action Crayon Shin-chan? Not sure what the rating would be though.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Seriously? These toy-based tournament anime are daft at the best of times, and a live action version would be even dafter. Next... "SNAP!" starring Russell Crowe and Jason Statham in a high octane card paring action thriller - directed by Michael Bay.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I'm still having nightmares over Dragonball...

What next. A live action Pokemon movie?

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I quite like the idea of that last internet comment, a Zoids movie could actually work but only if they followed the Marvel UK comic version from the 80's and not the terrible anime plots.

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Honestly surprised... I mean, of all the Anime-which-had-toy-tie-ins, I'm surprised they didn't go for Pokemon. There's so many characters and storylines in there that they'd have to be able to cobble something together...not to mention the huge name value/nostalgia factor.

..or this newer Yokai Watch. At least there is some traditional Japanese culture with the different yokai. (well, kinda sorta..)

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They are currently running a trailer called: パックマンやドンキーコングが地球を侵略しに来た!映画 to be released in September starring Adam Sandlers, pacman, donkey kong, space invaders... A beyblade movie doesn't sound so bad after all.

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There is other anime cartoons that are more suitable for the big screen in the Live-action genre but it will be quiet interesting how this movie will develop. The Dragon ball movie totally paled compared to the cartoon version. I would've liked to have seen the movie completely being computer generated.

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I've said it before: Hollywood is creatively bankrupt.

The execs and beancounters that control the studios are set in their ways and will only entertain the idea of funding shows that fit into their idea of possible moneyspinners rather than risk it on new ideas and plots. That includes the well worn path of turning animation into live action in the mistaken belief that "animation is for children", forgetting (or never knowing because they never tried to find out) that animation was never originally developed for such a niche market as that.

btw, KarlHaruka, please don't give them any ideas! A live action Pokemon... [shudders]

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Just because live-action worked for Marvel, doesn't mean it'll work for all anime. It's almost a systematic destruction of the image of Japanese anime. Usually the end product is so bad thus no one will go see. But it's all good for Hollywood cronies as long as they make money in every level from actors to directors all while destroying the competition to their pet projects.

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