Local gov'ts condemn Aichi music event organizer for lax COVID steps


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You knew it was going to happen...crying over spilt milk now.

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More Political Hypocrisy. - In advance, permits were approved & issued; revenues & fees were collected; plus goods were purchased, sold & taxes collected; YET, now the same governments want to complain when they already knew the history of ‘lip service’ & lackadaisical approaches by ALL during ANY of Japan’s SOE’s ??

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Damage control. - Even ‘the artists’ are hypocrites when shown on the news encouraging the crowds to “SHOUT!”:

*- “J hiphop artist Zeebra performed at the event then posted: "I performed at yesterday's Namimonogatari because I was told that rules set by the prefectural government will be followed (at the venue), but it was a dangerous environment."*

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If you allow a music event during a SOE, what are you expecting?

Oh...drinking Alcohol???

That was very bad!

You have to drink coffee, not alcohol, because with coffee the virus don't spread.

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 Tightened restrictions under the state of emergency declared for the entire prefecture on Friday set an audience cap for large events at 5,000.

Aichi has been in SOE since Aug 6, and only 3 days ago the restrictions were "tightened" to make large events limited to 5000.

Even with the "tightened" rules, its hardly seems like the gov thinks its an emergency.

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The same night after playing my weekly futsal game in Nagoya, about 15 of us were having a beer after the game when 4 patrol cars and 3 bicycle cops swooped on us and said we were causing a disturbance.

About 15 cops dispatched whereas this concert was allowed.

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Hmmm, downtown Osaka is absolutely bustling and full of people shopping and going out on the weekends especially.

I see Pachinkos and Arcades pretty full. Likewise kidz are going to school, clubs, gyms and pools.

I am glad that Zeebra had the common sense to side with the government over germs even though he tries to rap about being a badass.

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people at the music festival condemn the government for being the anti fun police.

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Just stay home and twiddle your thumbs for the rest of your life. Then everything will be ok.

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- “J hiphop artist Zeebra performed at the event then posted: "I performed at yesterday's Namimonogatari because **I was told that rules set by the prefectural government will be followed (at the venue), but** it was a dangerous environment."

Zeebra plays at being a bad boy hip hop rebel, but his father owns a hotel chain. He is going to bow to the authorities in the end.

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Zeebra plays at being a bad boy hip hop rebel, but his father owns a hotel chain. He is going to bow to the authorities in the end.

That's hilarious, I bet he went to an expensive private school too.

As for the event, let's see whether there is a massive cluster or anything - compare it to Lollapalooza

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To Aichi government:




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Everybody knew this was going to happen and the local government still gave the event a go. Letting it go away with a letter of protest is a clear signal for any other event to do the same. Heads must roll and the people responsible for giving the permits without having any kind of control should be held responsible.

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8,000 people at a massive music event but I can't get a beer at my local bar with my friend.


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Zeebra plays at being a bad boy hip hop rebel, but his father owns a hotel chain. He is going to bow to the authorities in the end.

His grandfather, not his father, ran the hotel.

The hotel was already out of business and his grandfather had passed away.

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He was born into a wealthy family and attended Keio from elementary school, but dropped out of middle school.

Many Japanese hip-hop artists were raised in wealthy families like his.

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Tokoname Mayor Tatsuya Ito said during Monday's session of the city assembly that he will also send a letter of protest to the event's organizer.

Hold on..So who authorized this gathering, this event? After all, if I'm not mistaken, even cultural events of this scale must be reported and permitted. Usually at/by the office under which the place belongs to. Rather, it seems to me that after the magnitude of the event rolled through the media someone washed their hands of it.

A concert of this size - yes. Drinking beer in a private room in a pub - no. Drinking other drinks in restaurants - yes. Hosting sporting events - no problem..

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Well the SOE is just a recommendation, if I were the event organiser I would laugh at the letters of protest from the both Aichi and Tokoname governments.

I never saw them protesting the national government for going ahead with the Olympics, bunch of hypocrites.

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Japanese hip hop artist Zeebra, who performed at the event, said in a Twitter post, "I performed at yesterday's Namimonogatari because I was told that rules set by the prefectural government will be followed (at the venue), but it was a dangerous environment."

Yeah try to back out of it...what a sore loser.

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It an outdoor event. There is natural air ventilation. Politics should focus on vaccination and increasing covid beds.

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@didou an outdoor event packed with people ...


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"At one point, a host of the event cautioned people against removing their masks, it said."

And so what did you do about it because "caution" people? Did you stop the music and close down? Nope. Did you kick people out? Nope. 100% responsibility, and so you should never be allowed to host it or anything else ever again. Period. Nor should Aichi be allowed, for that matter.

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Then stop making requests and start making some laws

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I don’t think it’s the organizers fault; they just want make some Yen; Central Government set that example many times.

That people are actually dumb enough to attend large events under current circumstances is the real issue.

Other than that the article is like Japan’s greatest hits: full of ‘regrettable situations’

’deep apologies for causing trouble’

lack of social distancing,

and alcohol being singled out. All that’s missing is a drunk politician saying something ridiculous!

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I think holding the Olympics and insisting it was safe to do so sent out a message that large events could be held in safety. At least, that was how it was interpreted by many and should have been foreseen. Maybe it was foreseen, but certain people were more interested in getting their way than caring about such consequences.

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Oh! So you only noticed what was going on in Aichi? What about the concerts happening at Tokyo Dome during the same period as the Olympics? While the anti-Olympians were busy condemning the quarantined foreign athletes (who were living in a bubble), young Japanese concert-goers were converging in Tokyo Dome, queuing for tickets without social distancing! Whatever happened inside is up to your imagination!

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It's a well known fact that the virus will spread at a concert with 8000 people in attendance - but not with only 5000.

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It an outdoor event. There is natural air ventilation. Politics should focus on vaccination and increasing covid beds.

oh dear another that has NFI, nobody is social distancing or wearing masks, doesnt matter if youre outside or not. Th longer people keep ignoring the science and worry about their freedumb then this pandemic will continue to get worse, the worse it becomes the more deaths the more infected more SOE,

meaning governments will make legislation to force people to stay at home or hand out penalties to those that dont comply, your choice.

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I don't recall any stories like this during Fuji Rock Festival, perhaps I missed them? Surely there would have been tons of outrage, disgust and contempt for an event that by all accounts had way more than 5,000 people attending.

Instead of placing all the blame on the venue/organizers though, shouldn't it be on the government and the people who are driving this spike? The ones going out and about like nothing is wrong despite being unvaccinated? Can you blame the organizers for not wanting to cancel something the government was OK with?

The real travesty is that it will take weeks before the effects of this kind of event are known. Even if the COVID infections were legitimately decreasing now, all it takes is one superspreader festival to kickstart another spike. There is no end in sight as long as this idiocy continues.

While I am not for vaccine passports, I would support them in a limited scope: concerts, theme parks, sporting events. Basically any place you're going to get thousands or tens of thousands of people in one place that is in no way connected to work or productivity. People have to take public transportation to get to work, but absolutely no one has to attend a music festival. And if you want to? Simple. Get vaccinated.

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@ foreignerinTokyo

Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated the virus is still transmissible .

The only supposed benefit to the vaccinated person is less damaging symptoms after contracting it.

Why do people keep saying that you need to be vaccinated to attend concerts and events etc?!

THE SCIENCE says that it makes no difference to transmission rates.

Please stop keeping on about getting vaccinated and vaccine passports.

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Boo hoo. People need to grow up. If you don't like it, don't go.

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Stupid is as stupid does.

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A promoter operates in the same way the Japanese government has and gets scolded for it!?

As Bart Simpson would say, the ironing is delicious.

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This concert was actually subsidized by the national government, in addition, it also used a government owned facility.

The government is pushing for these large scale events with money and providing them with locations, a "sternly worded letter" is not going to do anything.

Even if the local government does not want these events, the national government is clearly encouraging more large scale gathering events by injecting them with large amounts of cash subsidies.

Someone should check how much money was given to these event organizers, likely more than whatever the government have been providing to the hospitals for sure.

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Well, it’s an Aichi hip-hop event. A virus can’t survive that environment...

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8000? I did Woodstock and Watken’s Glen. These numbers are baby numbers.

party hardy everyone because when it is over it is over.

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stormcrowAug. 31  01:49 pm JST

Stupid is as stupid does.

It's no different in America. There are some tours going on in America. Barf Brooks just had to start his a few weeks ago, taking the crown of distinction of being the first to tour in this 'post-pandemic era'. Oh and Trisha Yearwood shows up as a guest.

Oooh, wait! Now at his shows you can get a FREE CoVid-19 test on site. Thing is for me when I got a test at my local VA, it took 2 - 3 hours to get the results (I'm negative). Awwwwwww, shucks! But keep on coming, Yuppies! Pay your ticket prices - $75 minimum to see a chump play two hours of bland Yuppie gruel. Yeah yeah yeah.

Money is the biggest factor here, just like the past Olympics and the current Paralympics. And in the next few days a rodeo and Guns'n'Roses are coming to my hometown and I got first dibs because Ticketmaster likes me. But I ain't going to any of those events, or any such others for that matter until this pandemic is over. And it will end sooner or later. I may well be crazy, but I ain't that crazy.

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Rip off the band aid and let 'er rip. Japan is benefiting from low rates of obesity, a population that does a lot of walking/cycling and a population with a healthy diet. Only a grand total of 54 people under the age of 40 have died with COVID since the pandemic began and only 3 are not in serious condition or in ICU. All the seniors and vulnerable have been vaccinated so have a greatly reduced chance of landing in hospital. Time to move on.

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About a week from now the case numbers around there should be interesting…

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