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Lucasfilm hires YouTube artist behind 'Star Wars' deepfake


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I just finished watching the two seasons of Mandalorian. Its good. Not as great as I was expecting given all the hype I had been hearing, but good. The effects are amazing for a TV show, and there is good acting as well, but the story tends to meander around quite a bit and the constant scenes of useless stormtroopers getting killed en masse gets increasingly boring and repetitive with each episode. But all in all it was OK. Like most I liked baby Yoda.

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American George Lucas’s StarWars created a cultural phenomenon that has yet to be surpassed.

Yes, Lucas was inspired by (and ‘borrowed’ elements from) LOTR, Dune and Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress. However, there would be no Macross, Gundam, Space Batleship Yamato and countless other space manga & anime without George, ILM & THX first showing Japan the potential of the genre and, more importantly, “how it’s done”.

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Like trying to make a ‘copy of a copy’, the quality of the original image diminishes greatly.

The hacks at Disney, with their abominable films advertised as StarWars ‘sequels(?)’, copied designs from Miyazaki’s 1984 StarWars/Dune-influenced snooze-fest, Nausicaa & the Valley of the Wind. Disney’s used them with their ‘change of protagonist’ character, Rei Palpatine. She never lived up to the fan-expectations of the initially proposed & marketed, far more original story of a repentant “Black” Stormtrooper who learns the ways of ‘the Force’ from Luke Skywalker.

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Now that Jon Favreau has replaced the failed Kathleen Kennedy as chief producer of LucasFilm, perhaps we will see a change for the better?

Favreau, a fan himself, has demonstrated his talent for bringing great stories, grounded in established lore like Iron Man and The Mandalorian to the screen without letting foreign financing, political influences & intersectional agendas changing what the paying fan-base expect from StarWars. - Best of luck, Jon.

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A good example of what wonders can be accomplished when wokeness is not part of the program.

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Is Jon Favreau the 'Youtuber' named Shamook as suggested by the photo? If so, he is much more than a 'Youtube artist'; he is an acclaimed actor, producer, and director. If you haven't seen his work, his most recent film, "Chef" (2016) is excellent.

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