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'M-A-S-H' star Harry Morgan dies at age 96


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He lived a long and happy life. There was a MAS*H episode in which he was the last surviving World War I veteran from his troop and mourning his buddies. In a sense, he lived out that TV script by outliving most of his generation. Funny how life imitates art.

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I especially liked him in "The Glenn Miller Story", as Glenn's longtime buddy/piano-man; Chummy MacGregor.

And, he and Jack Webb were great partners in DRAGNET.

RIP, Mr. Morgan.

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Brilliant and funny man. That show was fantastic. Watched them all.

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I loved MASH even though I've been told I'm too young to know the show. Thanks to my dad I've seen every episode and I love the show. One of my favorite episodes is 5'Oclock Charlie.

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Me the man once while filming a TV commercial....as kind and gentle as he was on M.A.S.H. sorry to hear his passing

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I grew up watching M-A-S-H and knew he'd been on Dragnet (via old reruns on TV), but I had never known much about his background. Thanks for this article. I learned a lot about one of the great actors from possibly the best TV series of all-time.

RIP "Colonel Potter"

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An excellent actor, and a loss to the entertainment world now that he's gone. RIP, Harry Morgan.

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RIP "Colonel". Good work! Loved that show!

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MASH?? I always thought it was a depressing TV show based on the American involvement on the Korean peninsula. 96?? Wow!! I didnt even think any of these actors were still alive!! RIP Col.Potter

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