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Made-in-Japan Godzilla to return after Hollywood hit


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They'll pump it full of talent-less talento's and make it unwatchable.

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While it's certainly within their right to do...Godzilla is on thin ice as it is. It took a top-end company and effects team to make a Godzilla flick "relatively favorable" to the Japanese.

Can't they see that making a crappy Godzilla movie will only harm the brand / confuse Japanese /potentially re-kill the franchise?

The casual movie-goer isn't going to care enough to do research on a film, so they will most likely assume it's a sequel to the Hollywood one. Then after it fails to live up to expectations, said movie-goer is probably going to skip the actual Hollywood sequel when it comes.

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"They'll pump it full of talent-less talento's and make it unwatchable."

But I'll bet the homegrown "purists" will adore it.

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Yeah Godzilla needs a corny rubber suit and visible zipper again! ;)

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I love made in Japan Godzilla than Hollywood's computer graphic. I hope TOHO will make Godzilla movie like same way as before and base on good story.

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Kobuta ChanDec. 09, 2014 - 10:18AM JST I love made in Japan Godzilla than Hollywood's computer graphic. I hope TOHO will make Godzilla movie like same way as before and base on good story.

Yeah, and when Toho says "The recent innovations in computer-graphics technology were behind its decision to revive Godzilla." they can't possibly mean they want to use it in this film.

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I cant wait to see it!!!

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They'll pump it full of talent-less talento's and make it unwatchable.

I can just picture the vegie-loving, stick thin Johnny's Jimusho members attempting to fight Godzilla, perfect nails & hair in-check. Seriously, they're a joke...

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The irony is that this made-in-Japan Godzilla will probably be terrible and ruin any little grounds the most recent Hollywood version gained in bringing the beloved monster back. They're going to load it with recycled 'tarento' and horrid special effects. There is one thing they could do, though, to bring in an element of both realism and something that sends a message: bring in the fact that Fukushima is still out of control, and make Godzilla's reemergence a side-effect of that, and a message against nuclear power and a warning of its dangers. That will never happen, though.

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These guys may end up in court.

Depends on how they market their Godzilla movie. Domestically?

Looks like a pick-pocket move. If they make a bad Godzilla movie and devalue the brand name JUST before a Hollywood release I'm not sure how Hollywood would look at that.

I think it would be smart to release their movie after the Hollywood sequel.

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This will not end up in court because Toho owns the exclusive rights to Godzilla, and they can do anything with the character as they please. Besides Hollywood needs their permission to make those films, not the other way around. The original director will be filming a Star Wars movie next and can't do another Godzilla Movie until 2018, so it's a good idea for Japan to a version in the meantime, 2 years ahead of the sequel. That's a long time to wait for another Hollywood version.

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Toho used a fully CGI Godzilla in the second "Always Sunset on Third Street" films... and it's equally as good as the recent incarnation, but more faithful to the suit... meaning it looked like a Toho Godzilla.

Japanese film-makers are just as capable as Hollywood of making a great kaiju film. This is just snobbery on the part of some posters... ooh you can see the zipper. Er, no. Campy... ever seen a post 2000 one?

I for one can't wait for a new Japanese Godzilla film.


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So happy to hear this! I was waiting for a new Godzilla film for years, and now it's finally getting closer. :) I was worried the American productions (which I will never accept -- besides, the 2014 film is one of the worst films I've ever seen in my life) could further delay this, but luckily it doesn't seem so. Thumbs up, Toho. Without Godzilla, Japan wouldn't exist in my world.

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They'll pump it full of talent-less talento's and make it unwatchable.

I've been known to find "talentless tarentos" ENTIRELY watchable - though usually with the sound turned down, naturally. XD

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Overseas Godzilla don't use the same fabulous soundtrack as his original japanese brother.

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Japanese movie? At least they don't use 30+ years old for 12 yrsa old role. 20 yrs old role are given to almost 40 yrs ols. many movies use 60+ year old in roles younger than 30 How is in Japan?

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I want a sequel to GODZILLA FINAL WARS!

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Whatever are you even talking about?

It's standard for any media company to use an actor to portray a particular age, as long as it is convincing they don't care about the actor's true age.

Japan, for example, used a 40-50 year old lady to voice a 10 year old boy. (Gohan, of the Dragon Ball Z series)

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@kayL Someone wrote talentless talento. I am explaining that these Japanese actors and actresses are not talentless. they are just young and cute, Americans may look talented for the age of roles. I am saying is Japanese performers are not talentless.

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It is sound great for me! I never see Godzilla movie in my life. So I want to see old Godzilla and new Godzilla in this chance.

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