Madonna gets no respect for Aretha Franklin VMA tribute

By Gina Cherelus

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This is the woman the NYT just found 60 ways to claim isn't irrelevant?

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For many of these artists/stars these "tributes" to the dead are really just tributes to themselves.

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What's going on with her accent? It's very odd.

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I agree, the black dress was a show of respect and mourning.

For the rest, it was the anglican (she lives in London) natural racist lack of respect. All the symbols are african girl, but they are not displayed for a compliment or in admiration of Areta's strength. The evil crown instead of the freedom one is "bad taste".

She clearly thought Franklin's was charlatan.

The song "natural woman" might redeem her if she felt like the devil african woman listening her ? ^^

Which is still bad.

This is a urge misstep for "la madone". It was about her, when it should have been about the dead lady.

Franklin was a working black and successful women coming from a time they were still killed for showing strength, mind, and freedom. You must show respect to the universal woman she incarnated. But the black skin make it hard for some people.


NB : The perfect mourning respect is a simple black dress, like one whom might have loved the dead artist. No jewel, no trinket, and skin since she had to go "natural woman". But, here, this is just the old french way.



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After criticizing Madonna in a recent article about her, I have to back her up on this one. Give her a break. She talked about what Aretha did for her, which was basically to inspire her. Do people want her to make stuff up?

These musicians are not gods. Why do we have to treat them so?

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Madonna led a tribute on Monday to the late Aretha Franklin at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) but angered fans who felt she spent more time talking about herself than the Queen of Soul.

Or it could be because she's white. That's the environment now in America unfortunately.

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To their credit, I remember that MTV actually did play Franklin videos back when they were a video music channel.

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They wanted a big name so they asked for Madonna, but then they wanted it both ways?

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Oh the entitlement that netizens feel these days.

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Others accused Madonna, who was wearing a black caftan and her hair in braids, of cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation, eh?

Braids? How utterly disgraceful.

We really do need a definitive guide to inform people. My wife has a pair of moccasins. Hope she isn’t behaving like a neo-Nazi. She gave no hint of it in the past.

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Exactly why I don't watch these awards anymore. The so called artists (should call themselves celebrities trained by karaoke) and those that create these shows are all garbage.

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Yikes, getting a taste of her own ultra Liberal PC medicine...

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What's going on with her accent? It's very odd

She's from Michigan, but depending on who she’s trying to impress, she’ll change it from time to time.

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I don't buy into all the cultural appropriation BS, but she looks ridiculous and completely inappropriate for someone giving a tribute to a person who just died.

And yeah, she's one of those people who'll fake an accent to sound sophisticated. Unfortunately, her accents tend to sound like they're from a high school drama class.

A person who actually knew Aretha Franklin would have been a much more logical choice, but I suppose somebody like Stevie Wonder isn't as big a deal as Madonna...

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Well, well, well, a whining artist experiencing the sour taste of, well, whining

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Funny how everyone jumps on the Aretha bandwagon after she dies. Her last big hit was 33 years ago when many of these so-called number one fans were either a child or not even born yet. She passed 5 days ago. These artists who supposedly consider her their biggest influence could have easily put together their own tribute performance for MTV. Where were their tributes?


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LMAO...she / it stopped getting any "Respect" with that pink knit hat she & her groupies wore a couple years ago, if not before.

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You wanted your song singing by Aretha. She had a arch life so people continued to love her no matter what. This is about a symbol. And Madonna played it Queen of funk.



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Retire already..

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Theyre all fake. I wonder why people continue to buy into all the entertainer bs.

but yes, it is amusing to see Madonna getting a dose of her own fake liberal pc medicine. And 'cultural appropriation' no less!

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You'd think those fake accents she tries to pull off would be cultural appropriation too. Maybe they sound so bad that the cultures she's trying to appropriate don't want to admit it?

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What next? Asians dyeing their hair blond and Blacks straightening their hair gets called cultural appropriation. Oh wait, that doesn't happen.

First, she's too old. Then she's not black. Fact is, she is still filling out stadiums thirty odd years after she first started out. And yet elders Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop have never had to face what she's facing ever since she turned 30. At least she's helping children in Malawi. I don't see many giving their own money away to the less fortunate.

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why Malawi?

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At least she's helping children in Malawi.

Malawi? Is that what inspired this clothing and accessory fashion show? I thought she had bought out Saint Vincent de Paul’s.

Her money; her choice.

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You gotta ask yourself, didnt she feel like a complete clown dressing up in that getup?

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You gotta ask yourself, didnt she feel like a complete clown dressing up in that getup?

Fritz, that’s show business. They’re a mixed lot.

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Fritz, that’s show business. They’re a mixed lot.

That’s a really polite way to put it... :-D

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