Madonna takes a tumble at the Brit Awards


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Glad to hear she didn't break her hip. That sort of injury can be debilitating for a person her age.

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I thought her hip replacement popping out might have been the cause of the fall.

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the baphomet's probably distracted her...

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Good to see that she was singing live.

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This is a "wardrobe malfunction" that I can believe was an accident.

I am not a fan, but much respect to her. She kept going after realizing it wasn't anything serious. We've all had something like this happen - often with the help of friends, family, coworkers joking around. Embarrassing moments can be huge or nothing - all depends on how we deal with it immediately.

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She recovered better than many a gymnast a third her age. Well done, Madge!

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56 year old Queen of Pop. How many Queens of Pop are there exactly? here is the answer...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honorific_nicknames_in_popular_music

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Fitter than the average American half her age. And then she spent several hours next day doing an interview for Jonathan Woss and performing several times (minus the cape).

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Hope she will recover very soon,

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