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Mai Satoda to marry Rakuten pitcher Tanaka in March


“Talent” Mai Satoda, 27, has announced that she and Masahiro Tanaka, 23, who is a pitcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, will tie the knot in March.

In a statement sent to media by her agency, Satoda said that the date for the wedding ceremony has not yet been set, but said they will register their marriage before the opening of the baseball season in late March, Sankei Shimbun reported. Tanaka said in a statement that he hopes Satoda will stay by his side in life. "I will do my best on the baseball field to make her smile.”

Satoda plans to keep working, but emphasized that her married life takes first priority. "He is a very honest person with a strong core inside," she said of Tanaka, Sankei reported.

The two first met in December 2009 when they appeared together to tape a New Year TV program.

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i remember her and Suzanne on Hexagon Quiz II... cute funny girl... both like baseball players i guess

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It is very happy news in this unsteady social situation. I hope such hopeful younger will increase and make our society happy! Such bright news will come a lot!

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Wow some of these dekikons are getting real low. You'd think that Mai would have ambushed someone of her own age or older.

Ambushing a 23 year old kid is real low.

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I love how in these articles "talent" is always in quotations.

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Poor that 23-year old. Hopefully he'll wake up one day to realise life is more than being jailed by a gold digger ..:)

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Her next announcement will be that they're expecting their baby in June, hmmmm

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Tanaka said in a statement that he hopes Satoda will stay by his side in life.

Hope spring eternal.

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not to be rude but this marriage will fails. the marjority of guys at 23 years of age are too immature. he will be out there having fun and eventually find a new mate.

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He's 23 and they meet in 2009? how long did they date for and when is the baby due? She'll quit her job. Mark my words. Poor guy.

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I agree with sensei258

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Was he 19 when they met? A kid???

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