Maki Horikita plays pilot in new drama


Actress Maki Horikita, 24, will play the main character in Fuji TV's new drama "Miss Pilot," which starts in October in the 9 p.m. prime time slot on Tuesdays.

Female pilots are still rare in Japan (only 20 out of 2,500 pilots at ANA are women). "Miss Pilot" depicts the struggles that female pilots are facing everyday, Horikita said.

"Miss Pilot" will be Horikita's second time to play the lead in TV series since NHK's morning drama "Ume-chan Sensei" last year, which had an average viewer rating of 20.7%. It was the first time in 9 years for the average rating of a morning TV drama to exceed 20%.

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I wonder who the sponsors of this latest drama are? Will she be type-qualified and flying the 787 DreamLiner, in a subtle bid to increase confidence in that plane?

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If they called it "Ms. Pilot" instead I might be slightly more convinced they are genuinely trying to deal with the plight of a woman in a "man's job". Perhaps a small point to some, but it still carries a lot of connotations. She's not my favorite Japanese actress, but good on her for getting the role, and good luck with the show.

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Wonder if her salary will be 30% less than the male pilots holding similar experience and qualifications....

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Wonder if her salary will be 30% less than the male pilots holding similar experience and qualifications....

Source for your data?

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Wonder how she'll handle the cockpit?

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and i think she can't act though...

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blah blah... who cares! Lostrune2, good one Im sure she keeps her cockpit nice and clean smelling!

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First thing to do is to think negative: --I'm not doing a male role TAKARAZUKA.

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She's quite a capable actress, on stage anyway. I say her in the stage play Jean D'Arc (Joan of Arc) and she was very good.

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and she's very nice looking.

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Sounds nice! Did not know ANA had so few female pilots, but then neither do I know what the percentage is for other airlines. In Japan I've flown in small commuter planes several times with a female pilot.

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