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Maki Horikita to play homeless girl in Fuji's new drama


Actress Maki Horikita, 20, will play a homeless girl in Fuji TV's new drama from April. In the new drama, which is not yet titled, Horikita will play a girl who becomes homeless due to her deceased father's debt. She then marries a rich man who later dies of an illness, leaving behind six adopted children.

Horikita said, “When I saw my photo on the poster, my dirty appearance made me feel something that I had never experienced before."

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Messy & filthy, she is still the hottest homeless person we might ever see

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That's sort of what I was thinking. Homeless girls are never that hot. The make up leaves much to be desired though, I mean unless she just got into a fight with someone's garden, the dirt on her would've taken months to get to that point. So how does she have a 100,000 yen haircut? wouldn't it be matted and rat nesty looking? Maybe I expect too much, like I would hope this drama would highlight some of the hardships that homeless people face here, but it's probably just a Cinderella remake.

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Oh yeah, she cleans up real good. She can come life at my house anytime.

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Horikita said, “When I saw my photo on the poster, my dirty appearance made me feel something that I had never experienced before.”

Contempt for the homeless?

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sure she will get right under the skin of homeless people and take method acting to a whole new level

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probably just a Cinderella remake.

Or another Eliza Doolittle

"I 'ate ya 'enry 'iggins!"

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This drama promises to be "cho-kurai."

Nessie: "Contempt for the homeless?"

Do you really think Horikita has contempt for the homeless? I doubt that.

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the homeless always get to marry rich people, it's a little known loophole they prefer not to advertise for fear of encouraging a homeless boom. I can see this show will take the art to a new-level of ultra realism that Mike Leigh or Ken Loach could only dream of. I can only hope this show will elevate nationwide consciousness into tackling this serious social issue.

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Her shoelaces are undone. That is sending a dangerous message to the young people.

It also appears her character is based on someone from a Dicken's novel. Has she been working in a coal-mine or something?

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i like her style. wanna the same

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she still looks better dressed than me and way out of my league, even if had a couple of bucks for some Schlitz id still prolly couldnt get a date~

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