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Maki Nishiyama displays hottest new glasses to guard against UV rays


Model Maki Nishiyama, 24, displayed the hottest new development in protective eyewear against UV rays and hay fever this week, modeling Kowa's fashionabe line of "Dimensions" glasses. Seven different designs of the glasses are available for different looks, including casual, trendy and sporty.

Nishiyama said she had just recently been tested for allergies for a TV show. "I've apparently got a bit of hay fever. I think it's great that hay fever sufferers can now look fashionable according to how they're dressed."

The model said she owns more than 10 pairs of sunglasses, and wears fake glasses often. "If I see someone whose glasses really match the rest of their outfit, I think they've got the trends mastered," she said.

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Why in Entertainment Section, What is so entertaining? JT may expand further and introduce 'Health' section.

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Maki looks hot in those glasses.

"she... wears fake glasses often"

I wish my eyesight was so good that I could wear fake glasses.

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I'm so glad the hay fever sufferers will now look fashionable. White masks and blood shot eyes just weren't cutting it.

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Entertainment = 'Entertainer' pushing a product or service.

Do men make passes at girls who wear glasses? I do.

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I am always amazed at how few Japanese people, particularly those over 30 or so, wear sunglasses. Young folks wear them, for fashion mostly, but most older folks don't. Haven't J-folks become aware of the dangers of UV rays to the eyes -- namely cataracts. Women cover their entire bodies to protect their skin here, but msot people still squint or try to shadow their faces with their hands, rather than wear sunglasses. I wear them 12 months a year.

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Admit I wear sun-glasses so often when I know I will be facing the sun when riding a m/c or driving a car or sun is so bright & I had some costly work on my eyes not regarding hay fever or such, but both eyes were loosing depth of preception to reading abilities & no longer wear normal glasses, but do use sun glasses to protect my present eyes.

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Can't even see the glasses, the photographer took a photo of the dress :)

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Overall this article is disappointing:

I can't see the glasses. I don't like the dress. There's no cleavage or leg shot. Maki is cute but you can't tell from this picture. There's no details on how much the glasses cost or where I can get them.
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We really could use a close up of the whole line of glasses.

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tested for allergies for a tv show ?

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fake glasses gives fake intelligent look

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real intelligence is harder to come by

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