Mao Kobayashi stars in ad for medicines for stress-induced tummy troubles


Freelance news announcer Mao Kobayashi, 26, stars in a drug commercial which began airing on Wednesday, for Takeda Pharmaceuticals and their new “Sutoreji” medicines designed to relieve stomach and bowel pain caused by stress. The global pharmaceutical company released three types of the new product in Japan the same day.

Kobayashi, who is a regular on Nippon TV’s late night news program “NEWS ZERO,” spoke of the stresses in her life at a promotional event for Takeda in Tokyo. “I get home in the middle of the night and I want to eat something sweet. But if I eat that late, I will put on weight, and fighting this urge is the most stressful thing for me,” she said, speaking of the battle between food and beauty that affects many a woman.

A reporter asked Kobayashi if there was anyone she would like to give the new medicine to, and she said: “I’d give it to my beautiful dog, Yume-chan, because she takes my stress away. But she’s a dog, so I’d give it to my mother, who’s always supporting me with a smile on her face.”

Another reporter asked Kobayashi how she reduces stress, and she replied: “I hum in the bath. The echo makes it sound better and makes me think I’m good at it.”

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My God, she is clearly a complete and utter bubble head. Great spokesperson for a medicine. They should have hired her dog.

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“Sutoreji” medicines designed to relieve stomach and bowel pain caused by stress.

That is a good one, "relieve your bowel stress with our product." Why not just eat more green?LOL

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Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm your stress away. In the bath!

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i am getting bowel pain just looking at this advertisement.

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"battle between food and beauty"

There is no reason to have a battle between food and beauty. Just eat plenty of apples, bananas, spinach and chocolate! ( not too much chocolate )

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26 years old and not married to a 45 year old talento yet, tut, no wonder she's stressed...

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man the locals sure do whinge about stress, don't they

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I have honestly hand on heart never seen an advert in the UK, South Africa, or Australia (or the US as far as I can remember) for stress-induced bowel medicine.

But no, we don't have a problem in Japan, do we...?!

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she is the one i choose to get my nightly news from. now she is the one who will ease my irritable bowel syndrome. two birds with one stone. you are a bloody champion miss kobayashi

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whew!! in japan, everything is business, from bowel to heartaches.....aahhh!!!! what a pity, maybe all japanese suffer from stress(?)

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