Mariah Carey bungles her New Year's Eve show; stops singing


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Had she forgotten the words?

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If I never saw or heard from her again it would be to soon.

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Who cares if she was singing or not! I wouldn't mind just standing there staring at that MILF!

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“Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve"

Didn't he die a few years ago?

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That was a train wreck. I'm pretty sure she didn't prep in the least. And given her tipsy performances in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if alcohol didn't play a factor here as well.

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She didn't forget the words. The fraudulent, petulant diva was lip synching and got caught because the wrong track was playing.

The delightful diva offered a remorseful, heartfelt apology for her actions on Twitter by saying, "s*** happens.'


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Mariah Carey bungles her New Year's Eve show; stops singing

She wasn't singing, she was lip-syncing

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Go easy on her! After all, she is still devastated after HRC's defeat - sorry, the victory stolen by Donald Trump.

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2016 claimed one more, a Diva's career in decline.

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First off, it wasn't lip synching or a lack of preparation on her part that was responsible for the fiasco, it was a sound technician (I used to be one) who blew it. She went from live singing Auld Lang Syng over a purely instrumental prerecorded track to trying to sing Emotion over a prerecorded instrumental and background vocals track, but couldn't hear the vocals or high end instrument notes (on stage, you can hear the base from the speakers facing the audience, but nothing higher, for the same reason you only need one subwoofer) which is vital if you're signing a pop song with an undifferentiated short drum cycle. In a tightly scheduled program like a New Years Eve bash (midnight is the star, and it won't wait even a second) you either have to simply kill the act and just stand there, or try and work around things by, oh, say, turning the vocals over to the crowd that CAN hear where, in the song, the background singers are. The problem is, if there isn't a preponderance of dedicated fans in the audience, that falls flat for those not there.

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No. The wrong lip synch track was played.

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Here's a link to the video.


The ball was indeed dropped !

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All the other news sources say the lip synch track malfunctioned.

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She handled it in good spirit.

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she's fat ...................and she can't sing for peanuts.

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She was lip syncing and it's something went wrong with technology. Mariah Carey has lost her mind lately and she is risking her reputation. Some of her fans are leaving her lately. She will be left with only some of US fans.

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Wasn't that why Milli Vanilli got howled out? Didn't understand that. People go to a concert to enjoy it. Why should they care, if lip synching makes the concert better?

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Mariah Carey is fab.

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at some point in the age spiral its time to change outfit choices....she aint got the body for that bodysuit

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Carey probably should have auditioned for the part and made a rudimentary effort at rehearsal. Rumors suggest she was unaware when the Ball was to drop - a rather sad commentary on US education not to know when the day ends.

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I'd say Mariah Carey would be one of the better singers without her lip syncs. One just needs to recall the crimes against humanity that Britney Spears and J-Lo committed when singing without touched up lip syncs

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Proves how difficult it is to sing in front of live audience esp. at event like Times Square Ball drop. It's not the same as singing live in huge concert hall where artist have gazillion tech gadgets to help them sound good. That's probably why young popular artists today wouldn't dare attempt it.

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