Marie broadcasts fashion show live on Twitter


TV personality and model Marie held Japan's first Twitter fashion show in Tokyo, starting at the X-girl store in Jingumae, on this week. Marie, 23, appeared at the bustling store on Tuesday, as well as two other locations wearing a white t-shirt (9,240 yen), a denim skirt (13,440 yen) and seven other pieces.

Marie simultaneously shared photos of 14 outfits live on Twitter, including short messages to explain "fashion points."

"It was great to be able to see feedback on the screen immediately," she said. As for the brand, Marie added, "You can wear these garments a number of ways. They are feminine but they can be worn as part of a casual outfit too."

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New marketing approaches to consumers. Marie looks confident and convincing with her fans and brand-possessed consumers. In this season, her clothe lines can match any occasion. Ideally, Japanese environments appropriate, fashion changes from one market to another. Designers expect to produce exclusively for Japanese women.

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asian tourist - are you a frustrated fashion journo?

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i hope her clothes look better than she does.

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You can post pictures on twitter?

I like her nose by the way.

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asianTourist wrote: Designers expect to produce exclusively for Japanese women.

Are you kidding, right? So by that statement..foreigners in japan have to believe that they will have a separate line of clothes apart from those "exclusively" designed for japanese folks.


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How does one "broadcast" a fashion show on Twitter, didn't realize they were allowing video feeds now. Not that I'm a fashionista by any stretch, but seems to me in the photo she has hurriedly thrown on her grandmothers sweater in an attempt to cover a not so risqué chemise.

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in marie's defense, that picture of her is at least two years old. i believe her hair is shorter and darker and she has much better fashion sense now than to wear some salmon-colored dishrag.

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but why does this "TV personality" only have a first name?

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i hope her clothes look better than she does.

It wouldn't take a whole lot to make clothes better looking than she is.

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