Married life going well for Yaguchi and 'alien visitor' husband


Former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi, 28, was the guest of honor this week at a special preview of the popular American TV drama “V-First Season” at Tokyo Space FS in Shiodome. "V" (Visitors) is a classic drama that depicts the struggle of a resistance aimed at the annihilation of alien visitors whose appearance is no different from humans.

Commenting on her 192-cm-tall husband, actor Masaya Nakamura, the diminutive Yaguchi joked that her husband has been acting recently as if he were a VIP alien.

The couple announced their marriage in May after dating for almost a year and a half. Yaguchi said that married life is going smoothly and that it looked like they would be entering a second season. "Right now, things are really on the up side. I have been doing all of the housework and it’s easy to get over the hard times," she said.

The Blu-ray and DVD versions of “V-First Season” went on sale on Wednesday.

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Just a pity it was canned after the second season leaving the story unfinished I recommend "Falling Skies" if your looking for a Sci-Fi fix

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Not EVERYONE knows who Yaguchi is JT, a reference picture would be nice. Lately the entertainment section is getting boring without pictures. Put some effort into it JT.

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V has been long since cancelled. I guess this is why it's being released/picked up here now. Cancelled shows are pretty cheap for networks and studios to pick up. The show was greatly watered down and never really lived up to the classic original series. It's cancellation came as no surprise.

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V. So much potential but had its legs cut from under it when it went on hiatus for those 2 or 3 months. That killed the momentum and with the poor pacing and obvious computer graphics doomed the show.

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V was an absolute mistake, and cancelled out a much better show to get a second series to begin with (Flash forward, which actually had potential). The V story was awful, and needless to say it was simply a CG driven show with the script written by what seemed to be children. It was blasphemy to the original series.

I think it's corny that they guy is 'acting like an alien'.

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@smith Flash forward was dreadful.. , V was getting better at the end but it was no Farscape ..

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Yaguchi Mari was my favourite member,during the great days of Morning Musume. Marippe is tiny,but was always happy and full of energy.Now she's married,owns a Restaurant, appears on TV shows,tours with the new senior group,she looks so young still,a true Idol.

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