Marvel comics kills off beloved Professor X, founder of X-Men


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Marvel comics kills off beloved Professor X, founder of X-Men

I think they missed the "again" off the end here.

He'll be back. It's not like he hasn't "died" before...

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Don't care. This is one of the reasons I don't read mainstream comics. They are more like soap operas.

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One of the reason i stopped reading it a zillion different X-men and killing off some of my favourite characters

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This is a bad move. The X-persons need his wisdom.

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What's the betting the bring him back for the 50th anniversary next year?

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Pole dancers, world's tallest Mohawk and death of a fictitious person. Interesting news day...

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a fictitious person

Oh, sure! Next you'll be telling me there is no Fred Flintstone.

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wanna read the comic!!

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not again? and then what? will be revived again? and cyclops also died right?

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I remember when Legion (Prof. X's son) went back in time to kill Magneto before he became his father's arch nemesis, it was a time when they were allies before X-Men. Xavier threw himself in front of Magneto to save his life and Legion ended up killing his own father, thus creating this massive paradox that caused an alternate future to suddenly exist. It was called the Age of Apocalypse.

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It's a good thing Japan Today is reporting this, otherwise I'd never know because I'm not 12 years old and don't read comic books anymore.

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I love the cartoon series especially the "phoenix" season. But Hollywood and Marvel just keep on messing up the series and making ugly films. Now that prof X is dead, it wont be long before that entire series falls 6ft deep under.

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Ah, well, such is life, I guess. He was never my favourite character among the X-men (I followed as a teenager), but his character was nonetheless good.

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He'll get better!

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Let him stay dead. Don't bring him back as a bad guy, or as a bunch of guys who each has one of his powers, or as a disembodied spirit, or as who-knows-what.

Comics struggle for credibility for good writing. Jerking my chain does not help their cause. Like a professional athlete who comes back after retiring to muddle through another season or two playing for their former rival, I just lose respect for them.

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Didn't he get killed off a few years back in that second X-Men movie ?

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@gaijintoday: Age of Apocalypse was a pretty cool story arc. The one handed Wolverine was so badass

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OMG... they killed Xavier!!!.. you b... well, as long as Uncle Ben is not being resurrected, any character can die in the Marvel Universe, and probably you will see that another character will be able to defeat Cyclops in any moment and restore the damages made by the Phoenix Force and.. resurrect Xavier..

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but does this story take place on Earth 616?

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Yes it takes place in the main 616 continuity. Cyclops does not die (as of yet, 1 more issue to go in the mini series), and yes, expect Prof X to come back in 2-3 years. Comics have come a long way in quality (the paper, the writing, the color separation etc), but if you don't like comics there is nothing in these that will get you interested. To each their own.

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Um, Spoiler alert...?

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Age of Apocalypse was a pretty cool story arc. The one handed Wolverine was so badass

Agreed. But after the AoA story-line finished, the original series seemed anti-climatic, so I stopped reading.

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was watching "The Keep" 1983's film, it had Ian McKellen in a wheelchair, being put to use instead of going to the death camps...fast forward 17 years

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