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Marvel: New Ultimate Spider-Man boasts big changes


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Just call him "Politically-correct Man"

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Saw the trailer for this one. I have no idea what they are thinking up there in HOllywood, but a new spiderman series is absolutely not necessary.

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Well, I commend Marvel for taking a risk and trying to reinvent the webslinger - killing off a hero can be a good thing for a brand and could make the material fresh. Yet, it sounds to me like they took a dose of the PC pill and want to make comics appealing to more kids of different backgrounds. There's nothing wrong with it. I've always found it funny how all the heroes were white (the biggies that is). Sounds unique and I'm sure Marvel isn't going about this the DC way by creating alternate Earths (not slamming DC either). Let's see how it plays out. ... Oh ... and, maybe they should think about killing off a few baddies while they're at it.

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This is just stupid.

Why didn't they make him black, gay cripple in a wheelchair instead?

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dw hes still alive only in the "ultimate" universe has peter parker died. i.e. so in the main marvel universe hes fine, theres just alternate universes probably so they can release more "issues" and stories that have slight changes from the main one. i.e. in the ultimates - nick fury is black, even though in the main one hes white which confused me in the movies when i wondered why they decided to go with the ultimate version but still meh. etc and a bunch of other stuff

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Rhyhl thank you for that.

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