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Marvel superheroes return to Chinese cinemas after nearly four years

By Vivian LIN

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Wondering if the short lesbian scene will be cut by China?

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Regrettable, I hope the Chinese people don't get contaminated with that garbage..

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I’ve lost interest in Marvel movies/MCU; the level of excitement simply isn’t the same anymore…; but we still have, and we will always have Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, Endgame and No Way Home…(!); anyway, enjoy the movies, China.

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Regrettable, I hope the Chinese people don't get contaminated with that garbage

Apparently, you don’t watch a lot of Chinese cinema

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Hollywood needs more marvel movies. There aren't enough of them. Another Bad Boys sequel featuring Will Smith was also asked for by no one.

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Disney just had to bend over and be Communist China's lil b**** and boom movies allowed in...for now. Disney has gone downhill for so long now, the talented film makers are gone. All that is left are stupid young people with little talent

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