Marvel unveils huge slate of new superhero films


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I just want Wonder Woman, Cat Girl, Supergirl... to get it on...!!

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Black Panther. Black Widow. Burka Avenger. Aquagirl......

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Everyone has a different taste and some on JT may think the superhero movies are played out passé, but they are making billions of dollars hand over fist, which means, someone is watching and enjoying them, otherwise, they wouldn't be where they are. Personally, I love them, others might not, it's ok, we all like something different. But as long as their is an interest in superhero movies, the trend will continue. Not to mention, they didn't even talk about the future projects that DC comics had lined up. They also have a lot going on.

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Superhero movies only make up a small portion of the movies in theaters, but a bigger portion of the blockbuster releases. Even that list in the above article has just 2-3 a year.

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I only hope that Sony gives back the X-men and Spiderman franchise to Marvel... so they can make Secret Avengers and also do a Civil War movie properly.

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I'm looking forward to Dr. Strange, which could be the first movie in recent memory without any car chases, if they do it right.

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too bad, no Black Widow movie :(

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As long as studios are making from 500 Million up to a Billion dollars on each film, they will be around for a long time.

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I haven't seen a superhero movie since Batman Begins came out. Zero interest.

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I'm just fed up to the back teeth with superhero movies.

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Bored... This influx of superhero movies are already played out. ZZZZzzzzzzz

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As much as I do enjoy these movies, and not having read their comics or anything, I'm also tired of them and kind of miss the cinema having films and not just popcorn flicks.

Now for dramatic plot, I stay home and go to the movies when I get the urge to see things blow up real good.

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Will they ever make a superhero movie about a superhero who wreaks havoc with the endless string of superhero movie productions?

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