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Masami Nagasawa and Emi Takei team up for Valentine chocolate commercial


Actresses Masami Nagasawa, 24, and Emi Takei, 18, are promoting chocolates for Lotte's Valentine chocolate campaign.

The duo appear in the new TV commercial and on posters for "Lotte Ghana milk chocolate Valentine version 2012," along with five-year-old model-actress Konomi Watanabe.

Asked about her Valentine's Day memories, Takei told a bitter story. "I wanted to give some chocolate that I made myself to a guy I liked, but I was unable to contact him...So I ate it."

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And both are cute as a button! Love their smiles! I'm surprised they didn't get Mana-chan. Maybe some other company snatched her up.

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And both are cute as a button!

Why not the three of them?

“I wanted to give some chocolate that I made myself to a guy I liked, but I was unable to contact him…So I ate it.”

I have reached this same conclusion long time ago, never make chocolate for a guy, eat it yourself. They (men) dont deserve any. I am not going to give any Valentines chocolates this year.

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This will cheer the hearts of people in the disaster areas and they can be genki again!

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biggest "so what" news of the week

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yummy they're cute and i love choco. oishiii

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I was hoping these two shining stars would team up for a commercial. Thank heavens my prayers were answered in time for St. Valentine's Day.

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@love not. Whoa.. more bitter than dark chocolate. Maybe if you made more of an effort (they) men would appreciate your chocolate.

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