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'Matrix' siblings to debut TV series on Netflix


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Can you get Netflix in Japan? Is it any good?

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When is Cloud Atlas opening in Japan? Or has it? (For anyone who doesn't know, Cloud Atlas was written by a young bloke who used to teach English in Hiroshima. CA is his 3rd novel.)

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It already has played in Japan.

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If your a Japanese citizen with only a japanese bank account then no you can not get Netflix. If you do and have a credit card in America then you can. You must first change your proxy on your computer to U.S. then you can use Netflix in Japan. If not they will block you cause your I.P. Address is in Japan and the weird laws block it from being used.

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taj: Thanks for pointing that out. I've read Number9 Dream but didn't know Mitchell also wrote Cloud Atlas (didn't know it was a novel at all until you said it). I guess I'm not surprised -- the Wachowskis are getting better and better over the years (of course, the original Matrix movie is a classic), but I thought this was a little too deep for them. Good movie, all told. Very long, but good. The best part about it was that it was, for the most part, not obvious or too expositional. I liked that I didn't know the future time line, with Sun Li, was the past (until you see the remains of 'Old Seoul').

As for Netflix, I'm really not sure why this article is appearing on JT since you cannot watch Netflix in Japan without ryukyustriker's bypass methods (or similar ones). When the show comes out fives years late in Japan, THEN I can see it being more talked about. As for CA playing in Japan, I knew nothing about it, and saw zero ads, nor have I seen any DVD copy rentals despite often checking new releases -- so while I criticize this article to an extent, I'm thankful for its information.

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I meant to add I found it humorous the multiple roles Mr. Smith played. Kind of ruined the suspension of disbelief to an extent, but still funny.

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