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Matt Damon describes 'fairy tale' lockdown life in Ireland


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Must be nice.

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Nice news about the PM. Other countries' leaders could learn something, even if they aren't doctors, because they could all do something, anything, meaningful. But they sit and wring their hands and spout pathetic plattittudes.

Mr. Damon's attitude is a good one.

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Ellen said it was like prison, Madonna said it made everyone equal, Matt Damon called it a fairy tale. I wonder what Chrissy Teagan thinks.

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“ If I were a Rich Man....tra’ la’ la’ la’ la...”.

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“ If I were a Rich Man....tra’ la la la la...”.

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“ If I were a Rich Man....tra’ la la la la..

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If I were a Rich Man....tra’ la la la la..

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If I were a Rich Man....tra la la la la..

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400,000 rich people fled from New York.

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“Even in the lockdown, they’re like, ‘you got to stay within two kilometers of your house.' Two kilometers here, there’s trees and forests and woods and ocean and I can’t think of any place you’d rather want to be in a two-kilometer radius of,” he said. “It feels a bit, you know, like a fairy tale here.”

Sounds like he's had it real rough.

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