McCartney, Pink Floyd join campaign to save UK music venues


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Too many venues have gone, pushed out by gentrification and accompanying high rents.

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This is really sad news for me since many of my favorite singers/groups are Brits, but I'm not sure that the grand days of British rock-n-roll will ever come back. Sure would like to hear from some Brits about what the rock scene on the streets is like these days. The popular rock these days is just too poppy for my old hard rock tastes. Coldplay for example, only heard one song by theme (played in last years Super Bowl), Starsailor is probably the last Brit band I've liked but that was only one song too "Way to Fall".

Have to keep them open for the next Lennon, Mercury, Daltry, E. John, Hendrix, etc.

This Astoria?


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A common story now is where you have an existing venue, a developer buys a building next door, converts it into flats, and the new residents of the flats complain about the noise, resulting in the venue being forced out of business, either from limited hours or an outright revoking of its licence.

That's when the venue owner doesn't just convert that building into flats first.

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All about money, innit?

Listen to the searing and raucous Sleaford Mods for where it's at, or Stormyzy.

The loss of the venues is sad but the music is there, if you look beyond the corporate and the chart fodder.

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