McCartney to play at Budokan for first time since 1966


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Just ridiculous

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I hope Japanese people don't issue death threats against him, forcing him to be confined to his hotel room, like the last time he and his mates played there.

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In a video message to Japanese fans ahead of the tour, McCartney said: “Hey, everybody in Japan, hello again. Come on. Let’s rock.”

Pathetic. like the episode of south Park where Jesu gets Rod Sterwart to play the Milennium concert. These old farts might still be able to make music (altghough in McCartneys case je has pretty much done nothing since the Beatles) but do they have to play live? And Rock?????

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(altghough in McCartneys case je has pretty much done nothing since the Beatles)


Ever hear of WINGS?

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A truly terrible band.

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A truly terrible band.

Nobody asked you Ringo!

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Up to 100,000 for a ticket. Are you off yer nut!? I wanna meet the gaijin who can afford this and ask him/her what I'm doing wrong in life.

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Wings??? you cannot be serious! They were RUBBISH. Jet and Live and Let die were ther biggest "hits". Surprised you didn't say Mull of Kintyre was a great song too........

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to quote alan Partridge

"Wings, the band the Beatles could have been"

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Love the music of McCartney 101 thumbs up to me

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And for some fans, the nostalgia even extends to the tickets, with 100 seats for those aged under 25 going on sale for 1,500 yen,

what a cheezy and hokey gimmick for free press. if i were a betting man, i would guess that those seats might not get any buyers because people under 25 aren't exactly his target audience.

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I went to his Tokyo concert last November.

Awesome.  I'd have happily paid double if I knew how good it was going to be.

And I've never been a raving Beatles fan.

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The rest of the tickets for the concert on May 21, part of McCartney’s “Out There” world tour, are priced at up to 100,000 yen.

At those prices nothing less than the musical equivalent of a water into wine event will prise my purse open. Can't buy me love? Doesn't seem discourage Paul McCartney from trying.

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when too much money is never enough...

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Sir Paul was a great musician, and ticket prices up to 100k are not too high if I am told a large share is donated to charity.

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Paul McCartney (Macca) just presented his concert in San José, Costa Rica two weekends ago and it was FENOMENAL. He is truly an artist and still has the stamina and the voice.. 35000 people packed our Estadio Nacional and at least 20.000 more listened the concert outside. The sound system they had was incredible. Japanese fans are in for a treat!

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Maybe Yoko will turn up for a surprise duet or two. Now wouldn't THAT be a treat!

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Wings??? you cannot be serious! They were RUBBISH.

You need to revisit "Band on the Run". By far, the best album by Wings.


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Help I need somebody.......members of my family would be prepared to devote more than 100k for a 'Budokan' sized helping of Macca, mercifully they're not close enough to affect my inherence. Even floating the question was met with that self-righteous lost my cheerio in the 60s smug indifference, so I am beating a hasty retreat.

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Why so much hate for McCartney? High priced tickets? Don't buy them. I sure the people who posted nasty comments weren't going to the concert anyway.

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