Measuring the fallout from a summer full of box-office flops


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Saw secret live of pets in Japanese even though I can't speck it. Great movie. Independence Day was great escapism, but the Godzilla movie is the best this year, so far. Highly recommend.

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Quit making so many sequels and remakes. This is what Hollywood should have learned by now.

I feel like I've been watching the same movies over and over again for the past 16 years or so.

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Pay 1500 yen to watch a remake or watch a classic online on Amazon Prime or Netflicks for less everyday for a month.

Tough choice.

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Pay the storytellers and scriptwriters more. Cut the special effects budget. Then, you might have something people want to watch. Special effects are fine, but not if they are more noticeable than the the storyline.

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I'll say it again. Hollywood is dominated by beancounters with no idea of or stomach for taking risks. A lot of the remakes and sequels are based on shows that, in their original outings, were risks that paid off. Rebooting a series is more than just repeating the premise with new people, especially if the original used the chemistry of the people being used as part of that success. While Ghostbusters 2016 is a great example of this, it is hardly the only one out of the huge list of flops in this article that ignores the reason behind the success of a show just to try to grab cash from what they perceive as a gullible audience.

Guess what? The audience isn't that gullible. Even Disney need to be careful lest they forget the slew of sequels they pushed out a decade ago that besmirched so many a beloved animation of old. It's all the same thing, whether it's Star Trek Rebooted or Ben-Again-Hur.

You can't make successful films based purely on the bottom line.

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‘We just want to make a sequel to this because that first one made money,’

That sums up this year quite well, I would say. Even the successes were exactly this, save "The Secret Life of Pets", which I'm quite sure almost no adult would have gone to see without a kid in tow.

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A re-make of Ben Hur.................IDIOTS haha, its getting pretty hard to find anything decent & this orgy of re-makes & sequels etc is well beyond nauseating!

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Too many remakes, sequels, prequels and films based on comic characters. Boring, so very boring.

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Comic-book slop and rehashed trash doesn't cut it so well, huh? I'm pretty shocked.

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There's a lot of entertainment competition this summer - including the Olympics and Pokemon Go

The temptation for executives to quickly greenlight sequels is easy to understand. They remain by far the most lucrative releases. All but two of the top 13 movies this summer (“The Secret Life of Pets,” ‘‘Central Intelligence”) are based on previously existing properties.

And two of the highest grossing movies in Japan this summer are Finding Dory and Shin Godzilla

While some of the biggest flops are new movies such as Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

Obviously it doesn't matter anymore whether a movie is new or a sequel/reboot/rehash/whatever - what matters most is if it's worth watching. If it's worth watching, people won't care if it's new or a sequel.

Don't listen to people who call for new; don't listen to people who call for sequels. Just make movies that's worth watching.

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