Medical examiner: Prince died of fentanyl overdose, accident


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The superstar had a reputation for clean living.

Lot's of people have a reputation for one thing or another, but reality is often different.

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That's I thought. Always some kind of drugs there! He was kinda (too) young to die normally.

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It will be interesting to learn if his physical pain lead to his pain killer addiction.

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He gave his profession his all. RIP.

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Fentanyl is a tightly controlled by the Food and Drug Administration???

Yet more than 700 fentanyl-related overdoses were reported to the Drug Enforcement Administration in late 2013 and 2014. And that's the old statistics, since then overdoses and deaths have soared well above those numbers!

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Jesus christ, Fentanyl? I had a family member who was given fentanyl when she had late stage cancer and had her hand amputated. I thought they reserved this drug for the most extreme pain. I don't know what he was prescribed Fentanyl for but man, some of these drugs really need to be cornered off for 'last option' types of scenarios.

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It's always touted as a drug OD but wait, its a prescription drug. Yes thats right, the big scary DRUG OD is in the majority not illicit drugs but prescription. How about that. How do dealer get big pharma drugs? From an authorized source or even a doctor who is happy to get kick backs.

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Yes. Fentanyl patches. Expensive, too. rest in peace, mighty singer of the human soul. Keep dancing in heaven, Prince.you had 57 nice orbits around the sun. You made the world smile. Purple rain purple rain

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Drug dealers add Fentanyl to heroin (and other drugs) to get people to OD (overdose) and/or die. -That may sound sick but to long-term drug users that tells them this batch is strong and not thinned out and the sales for that batch will increase. =There is a incentive for drug dealers to add Fentanyl to heroin to increase sales.

People and the media may try to promote that Prince was a heroin user because of the fentanyl -which he was not. But he used drugs for a long time at high doses. In a hospital setting these people are very hard to treat especially if you do not know their drug past. That Narcan used for opiate ODs could have really screwed him up. Even Tylenol could possibly kill a heavy long-term drug user. He needed a Dr specializing in opiate drugs and rehabilitation to help him.

Prince used drugs for anxiety/nervousness.

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I was given fentanyl fairly recently when I had surgery. It knocked me sideways and after waking up I was puking for 24 hours. Horrible stuff. The post-op Vicodin made me feel lousy too and I gave that up after 3 days and just went with the pain with Tylenol.

Genuine questions: I just don't understand how you can become addicted to something that makes you feel crappy. Is is that some people don't have a bad reaction to it and it makes them feel good from the get-go? Is there a genetic thing where some people are predisposed to addiction and some just aren't? Is it that even the crappy feeling is better than the chronic pain? Once was enough for me, I couldn't imagine WANTING to take fentanyl. Just trying to understand how it happens.

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Addiction: Many people are addicted and do not know it. Sugar, caffeine, nicotine, refined carbs, etc. Take away coffee or soda for a week and see how you do. How about a month later -do you feel better than before? More energetic. Do you still need that (sugar) crutch?

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Unrelenting chronic pain after refusing vital hip replacement surgery in order preserve his faith ended Prince life. As a Jehovah’s witnesses, blood transfusions are out of the question. Religious judgement inevitably becomes a self-inflicted wound. Said with respect to the memory..

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