Meghan and Harry end their eventful 2020 with first podcast


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Poor Harry.

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Archewell Audio ....


I believe 2 minutes are free.

I could not make it past 30 seconds without gnawing away at random items of furniture.

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oh dear! like we're really interested?

Dont read the news then if you're not interested

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Archie could talk already.:) Cant wait to see more of him on news.

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She tried everything she could to use his title to make money and failed, so now she is using him to stay relevant. The whole thing is completely pathetic, born with a silver spoon in his mouth suddenly his privileged life became too much to bear so he decided to become one of the 'normal people', but keep the title just in case life becomes too normal and he becomes immaterial...

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What ever happened to his real father? Never hear about Hewitt these days.

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You can listen to the whole 34 minutes.

I have been listening, in bite sized pieces for eight hours.

Contrived, faux, labored imposture.

All script managed, wooden and shallow.

Such a disappointment, Harry and Megan could have been an inspiration to UK in its hour of need.

However they chosen a path of self righteous wokism.

Don't pin the blame on Meghan Markle.

Harry need to get a grip.

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.

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Good for them....yawn...

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This lady displays Nefarious Intent. Selfish to the max, exploiting a weak husbands legacy.

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