Mel Brooks plans sequel to 'History of the World, Part 1'


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That will be great fun. Go do it Mel Brooks! :)

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It’s twue! it’s twue!” - The GREAT Mel Brooks returning along with The Producers listed above will be nothing but AWESOME!! - Past due for some great, much-needed COMEDY, hopefully and irreverently aimed at the current world and in the style of his greatest films: Blazin Saddles, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, Silent Movie, etc.

- “I can’t wait to once more tell the real truth about all the phony baloney stories the world has been conned into believing are History!” Brooks said in a statement released by Hulu, which will partner with Searchlight Television & 20th Television.” -

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This 2000+ Year Old Man may not have much time left so, please Mel: “Work up a Number 6.” - ASAP!

*- “Filming is scheduled to begin next year.” *?!?!?!? : (

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At last!

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Hope he lives to see it finished!

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No way...........been waiting for decades on this one. Is Spaceballs 2, next?

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I hope he won't be politically correct, he should be and remain as he always has been, funny and unapologetic.

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I love his films. They poke fun at everyone and everything in a similar vein to the late Don Rickles. That said, the wokeness of Hollywood may torpedo his project. I hope he succeeds!

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I have been waiting for 40 years to see "Jews in Space" and "Hitler on ice"!

"The Inquisition, what a show" My 5th grade homeroom teacher was not amused at me singing this in class.

One can imagine how he felt about my reciting "Sire! The people are revolting!" "You bet, they stink on ice!"

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Don't forget the immaculate (and sadly not) immortal Gregory Hines as the uncut Eunich!

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Yes, sadly “Mel’s Greats” co-stars Madeline, Gene, Harvey, Cloris are all gone @BigYen 11:38pm:

plus Slim Pickens, Peter Boyle and Marty Feldman. (Geez, even the supporting cast in ANY of Mel’s films are great!)

It would be nice to maybe see Billy Crystal and Carole Kane plus cameos by Teri Garr (plenty de-aging technology available now), Two of the Amigos Steve Martin & Martin Short (the tird is a complete horse’s rearend)

… and to really throw current Hollywood in a plummeting, out-of-control spin and complete hysterical meltdown, a ‘comeback’ role for Seinfeld’s Michael Richards.

Hell, ANY of the ABC Fridays, Canada’s SCTV, Fox’s In Living Color would be better that the recent years Saturday Night Live .

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I saw the original at the cinema when I was fourteen and thought it had its moments, but wasn't impressed on the whole. Too long and predictable. The earlier Brooks films like Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein are all-time classics. He might do better this time, but it'll need better writing.

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kohakuebisuToday  12:30 pm JST

The earlier Brooks films like Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein are all-time classics.

I liked High Anxiety too. Apparently when Alfred Hitchcock went to see it he sat there in stony silence for a minute or two and then started laughing. I can't think of higher praise than that.

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