MeToo, Kavanaugh topics of talk at women filmmakers' event


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Is Katie Holmes just Tom Cruise in a wig ? So damn similar.

have they ever been spotted together in a room at the same time ?

I’m suspicious !!!!!

Robots, artificial intelligence, wigs, Hollywood,,,, hmmmmmmmmm

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This stuff is old already. Yawn.

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Anyone suffering any sort of abuse should speak out early and loud.

But that doesn't mean that proof won't be required before the other person is legally charged or their job is impacted.

For the last 10 yrs, it has been trivial to record audio which would provide proof of someone harassing another person. Get the proof and bring the proof. You will be believed.

I was sexually harassed in the early 2000s and captured electronic proof then provided that proof within a few weeks of the harassment starting. My statements were believed and the other person was disciplined, then fired.

Capture the proof, speak up loudly, you will be believed. Don't wait decades without some proof then make claims.

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Why don't they speak about making movies rather than these rather overworked issues.  Surely time to stop talking about MeToo and start doing something about exploitation of women in entertainment.  like maybe stop expecting so many to dress provocatively and sell their sexuality and parade themselves on red carpets and so on.

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Wakarimasen, well said. The hypocrisy gives the lie to the whole bs trend.

The same women flouncing around on stages in various states of undress and jockying for their moment before the cameras on the red carpet dressed and painted up are the ones riding the metoo trend. Its hollow and fake.

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"Brave women were coming forward to demand societal change. And the world was listening — or so we thought."

The world does listen. We are all prepared to listen......to rational thought and arguments.

This stuff is old already. Yawn.

I think the time is approaching where #metoo alienates as many people as it "inspires".

Perhaps that time is already here?

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Women filmmakers with speak about issues inside their industry. #MeToo is a big issue currently, so they need to talk about it and make sure that all women know they don't need to put up with unwanted advances. Clearly reject them so there isn't any possibility of misunderstanding.

Just because you are tired of it, that doesn't mean it is over. It will never be over due to human nature.

The same applies to men. Unwanted advances need to be clearly rejected. No need to be mean, at least a first. While fewer women feel they have to approach men, some definitely do and lay out exactly what they want from you. Whether you want to hear it or not.

Complaining about how women dress or wear makeup doesn't solve anything. Most women aren't trying to attract EVERY man in range. Sometimes a nice, fitted, dress is just a nice dress. Most women wear makeup for other women, not men. Men are easy to please.

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Monica ( Courtney Cox ) may have a few wrinkles now but is still looking good!

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Tell your story to Roseanne Barr.

None of you stood up for her.

This is dressed up as "fairness for the plight of women in the arts"

but it's just another complaint by liberal/progressive women

on the agenda of the current administration.

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They are sad they couldn't push the false accusations against Kavanaugh. #himtoo

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